Upstream Arts Supporters

Our 2015 – 2016 Individual Donors

Every day, people with disabilities and the people that support them are pushing upstream against the current of life. This is where Upstream Arts gets its name and why we have chosen to focus our donor levels around the Mississippi River, an important landmark and a source of energy, vitality, and community that is treasured by Minnesotans. Starting with the headwaters at Lake Itasca, each river that flows into the Mississippi makes it a more powerful force. It’s the same at Upstream Arts. Each donation, starting with the foundation laid by our core group of donors at the Lake Itasca level, is essential to our sustainability, making it possible for us to continue our mission. Thank you for bringing this energy, vitality and community to Upstream Arts, and for helping us to move upstream.

Mississippi River $25,000 & above
Carolyn Foundation
The Anonymous Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation
The Minnesota State Arts Board
National Endowment for the Arts

St. Croix River $10,000 to $24,999
The California Institute of Contemporary Arts Foundation
MaryAnn Lippay and Stephen Kanee Family Fund
Mount Sinai Community Foundation
Reid and Ann Shaw
The Saint Paul Foundation
VSA Minnesota

Cannon River $5,000 to $9,999
American Association of University Women
Jane McCarthy Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
The Graham Smith Team at Keller Williams Realty **

Crow River $1,000 to $4,999
Anonymous *
Art and Jan Anderson
Delphine and Michael Barringer-Mills
The Caterpillar Foundation
Community Shares of Minnesota
Joe and Janet Green * ***
Marcie Guidry ***
Bridget Harrington and Graham Smith
Pam and Bob Herrick ***
Deb Holbrook
Ellen and Jim Hubbell
Jaymes and Janet Hubbell
JAMF Software
John and Joan Kaminski
David Kieski Golf Event
The Tom and Mary Gerry Lee Family Foundation of The Saint Paul Foundation
Minnesota Vikings **
The Nash Foundation
Elisabeth Pletcher
The Pohlad Family Foundation
Cary Sfikas and Victoria Sadler
Karl and Lisa Simer ***
Alison Sipkins ***
The Staples Foundation

Sauk River $500 to $999
Marc and Alicia Belton
Jane and John Cacich
Laura Clay and David Colby
Thomas and Marilyn Gales ***
David and Jackie Guidry
Lori Jacobwith
Sarah, Jonathon, and Ezra Kusa
Lifeworks **
Judy Lysne and Alex Patterson
Midwest Special Services **
Marilyn Mounger *
Katie Munster
Nokomis Heights Lutheran Church **
Katie Piehl and Richard Knowlton ***
Noël Raymond and Amy Finch ***
Mount Sinai Community Foundation Teen Giving Circle
Harold D. and Barbara K. Smith
Phil and Rebecca Taylor
Ron and Serra Vickery
Peter Vitale and Stephen Nelson
Youth Frontiers, Inc. **

Pine River $100 to $499
Anonymous (11)
Kim Adams and J. Scott Johnson
Ameriprise Financial, Inc.
Jennifer Anderson
Michael Anderson and Katie Peacock
Satoru and Sheila Asato
David and Joy Baker
Leslie Bartlett
Marie France and William Beitz
John Belew
Janet Beneke and Ralph Butkowski
Alan Berks and Leah Cooper
Christopher and Alexandra Bertz
Charles Beyer
Blick Art Materials **
Andrew Boyer
Doris and Gary Braley
Hubert and Shirley Brasseaux
Charles Burdick and Christy Haynes
Joy Burdick
John and Peggy Burns
Pam Cantley
Ann Casey
Joe and Jane Cavanaugh ***
Chubb & Son
Flannery Clark and Michael Riby
Linda Clay
Brian and Rebecca Cline
Kayla Collins
Compas United Arts Fund Workplace Giving Campaign
Jeff Cords and Amy Scheller
Pamela Jo Costain and Lawrence M. Weiss
Regan Cox *
Thomas Crann, Jr. and Andrew Martin
Barbara Croxen
Emily Davidson
Karen Davidson
David Deschene
Rhea and Gordon Dickerson
David Doth
Janice and Gerald Downing
Nils Dybvig and Michele Braley
Janet S. Engeswick
Katherine Evans and Ryan Walquist
F5 Networks
Jackie and Lynne Finney
Jerry and Jennie Finney
Jessica Finney
J. and Barbara Fonkert
Adrian and Ann Marie Freeman
Tim and Becky Freeman
Lee and Serge Garces ***
Jess Garner
Rich and Phyllis Genest-Stein
Chris and Wendy Gennaula
Irene Ghatt
Brian and Chrissie Glenn Mahaffy
Ron Goldstein and Susan Freeberg
Robert Goodfellow
Jenny Goodfriend and Jara Wiley
Lorissa Gottschalk and Matt O’Brien
Mary Green ***
Karen and Dan Grow
Jennifer Halcrow
Timaria Hammond Downing
Dale and Rose Haning ***
Carmen and David M. Harris
Margo Harvey
Kathy Hayden
Ed and Alice Henson
Lucy Hiestand
Ryan Hoag
Jason Howard
Maxine and Kieran Hughes
Christine Hurney and Timothy Fisher
Ignited Fundraising **
Anthony Indelicato
Robert and Sonja Irlbeck
Melinda Jacobs
Edward N. and Carol Johnson
Karen and Barry Johnson
William and Ann Johnson
Steven M. and Candace L. Jongewaard
John Judd and Janet Nagel Judd
Calvin Keasling
Gabriel Keller and Emily Sohn
Joan Kelly
Zena Khalil and Bangean Abdullah
Sarah Kinney
Steven and Liza Leigh Kiwus ***
Alyssa Klein
Josh Lemon and Lori Sandoval
Dan and Missy Leslie
Janet and Richard Lillemo
Kym Longhi and Jim Peitzman
Jessie and Robert Ludowese
Tim Lynch
Linda and James Madsen
James and Kathy Malpede ***
Steven Marchese and Jodi Sandfort
Alicia Marchioni
Brian and Libby Marx
Ann L. Mavis
William and Maryan McDonald
Mary McEathron
Jeninne McGee
Karen Moe
Joan Morris
Naheed Murad
Julianna Muthu
Lisa Negstad
Greg Nielsen
Lekha Varkey Pauly
Partnership Reources, Inc. **
Curt Peterson
John and Nancy Quinlan
Maggie Quinlan and Robert Frawley
Tip and Ann Ray
Alice and John Reimann
Ellen Rest
Michael Ritchie and Rebecca loader
Sharon Rodning Bash
James Rollwagen
Susan Rostkoski
Marcia and Jerry Sansby ***
Tony and Kevin Saputo-Swanson
Jessica Schneider and Aaron Clifton
James Schreiber
Matt Sciple
Sue Scott and Ron Peluso
Shari Seelig and Richard Schwartz
David Sieplinga
Dawn Sieplinga and Don Penniman
Drew Sieplinga and Alec Shaw
Helen Silha
Maureen Smith
Bruce Smith and Marie Prottengeier Smith
Edward Sootsman and Scott Appelwick
Gillian Spence *
Padraich K. A. Spence
Brenda and Michael Staloch
Allison Steffenhagen
John-Mark and Nancy Stensvaag
Sharon and Randy Stinson
Tim and Dawn Strommen
Dan SwansonAlan C. and Jean W. Thiel
Martin and Kate Thomas
Kristin Thompson and Erica Nastrom
Katie and Dusty Thune
Becky Timm *
Karen Totten
Uptown Natural Care Center **
U.S. Bancorp Foundation Matching Gift Program
Pramila Vasudevan
Leida Voulgaropoulos
Peggy Wilcox-Browning and Steven Kramer
Michael and Martha Wilson
MIchael Witzany ***
Melanie Wood
Patricia Woolsey and Luke Warren
Xcel Energy Foundation Matching Gift Program
Yess Yoga **
Andy and Sally Zimney ***

Lake Itasca Up to $100
Anonymous (75)
Alan Abramson
Debrah Albert
Roxanne and Lyle Alexander
Tom and Karen Alf
Eric Alland and Katherine Murphy
Amazon Smile
Birgit J. Anderson
Beverly Antonich
Caitlin Badger
Hayley Bahnemann
Ellen Baker
Richard Barker
Frederic Baudat
Diane Beck
Jaimie Bennett and Bret Hesla
Katie Binning and Matt Berg
Bill and Chelle Bird
Vicki and Richard Bonk
Otis P. Borop
Bryan Boyce
Lydia Bradley
Frances and Paul Brayshaw
Aviva Breen
Chellie and Christopher Brown
Christine Brown
Philip and Carolyn Brunelle
Sheldon Bryant
Susan Burns and Jim Gausman
Dorothy Canfield
Faye Cantley
Chase Carroll
Gail Celio
Ming Chen and Zewei Song
Joan and Jerry Christensen
Kirsten Christensen
Sara Christensen
Dorcas Circle
Patricia E. Clark
Peter Clark and Molly McBeath
Kathleen Cobb
Dwight and Nancy Colby
Dan and Mary Connolly
Sharon Cords
Rosa Costain
Rich and Jackie Cowles
Jeff and Merri Brewer Crain
Bill Cranford
Shauna Cropsey
Stuart and Margaret Imdieke Cross
Lawrence and Lisa Cumpston
Catherine Dalton
Elizabeth Davidson
Mary Beth and Thomas Davis
Josh Dean
Michelle Dickerson
Laura and Michael Doerr
David Dorn and Deborah L. Schield
Dyanne Drake
Judith Durfey
Jean Echternacht
Vladimir Eletsky
Jill Engeswick
Cynthia Eyden
Annmarie Florest
Deb Fonkert and Scott Schlittenhert
Brittany Foster
Mark and Sarah Foster
Tony Frank
Julie Franz
Mike Frederick
Lois Freeberg-Requa
Tom Gallagher
Ron Gardiner
Andrew and Katie Garner
Andy and Anne Garner
Chris Garza
Anne Gerrietts
Deb Girwood
Devra Goldstein
James and Gina Goutanis
Jean Greenwood
Mary Beth and Steve Groff
Troy Grossman
Bruce and Sharon Grostephan
Dorothy Guidry
Andrea Hable
Drucie Haddock
Dennis and Christina Hansen
Laura Harada
Lyth and Mary Hartz
Marlena Haugen
William and John Haugen
Lenore Hauser
Allison and Justin Hawley March
Katlin Heidgerken-Greene
Daniel G. and Carole J. Herkenhoff
Deborah Hiestand
Julie A. Hirsch
Cindy Hoag
Samie-Mae Horton
Mike Hoyt
Lauren Hughes and Tamara Smith
Florette and Alvin Hujanen
Thomas and Karen Idstrom
Mary Irmiger
Beth and Norman Jagger
Tom Jenkins
Cheryl Jensen
Erin and Alexander Jude
Kathy Judkins
Virginia Juffer
Paul Keiski
Sherry Kempf and Ethan Bleifuss
Natalie Kinsky
Timothy and Mary Jo Kinsky
Kristin Kirmeier
Jo Klein
Judy Klein
Doug Knowlton
Marie Koehler and John Spielman
Sue and Jim Kosmoski
Miriam Krause and Will Pomerantz
Alyce Kuenzli
Karen Kutzner
Justin Lansing
Robert and Alice Larson
Tim Lawrence
Glenn W. and Barbara K. Lawton
Pamela Layton
Alissa Leibfried
Heather Leide
Stuart Leland
Kathleen Lenarz
Nina LeSaout
D., Pat, and Mike Leseman
Linda LEtts
Jennifer Lillemo Ayd
David and Leann Lindahl
Jim and Heidi Lindahl
Robert Lindahl
Maren Lindner and Cathy Abene
Linda Lingen
Karin and Daniel Link
Sophie Liu and Hans Othmer
S. and T. Lodge
Lisa Losure
Deb Ludowese
Josh and Christy Lynghaug
Marilyn Maas
Nicole Madsen and Michael Birawer
Rachel Maiers
Steven Malham
Tracey Maloney
Judi and Todd Marshall
Lynne and Steven McCoy
Dan and Paula McQuillen
Jack and Lorelei Miller
Andrea Mirenda
Zaraawar Mistry
Christina Moe
Tabitha Montgomery
Bradley and Carolyn Borow Moore
Michelle Morris
Craig Muntifering
Linda and Bill Murphy
Kelly M. Nakashima
Therese O’Connor
Allana Olson
Bette Olson
Chinyere Onaeri and Tyler Wiese
Joseph and Mary Jo Oppedisano
Paul and Linda Ostmoe
Renae Oswald-Anderson
Amy and John Ottaviani
Marjorie Paller
Kathie Pate
Len Pattky
Rikki Patton
Carolyn Payne
Patricia and Robert Penshorn
Loren and Jean Petrich
Gretchen Pick
Ashley Piediscalzi and Joshua Garvin
Wendy Plager
Cana Potter
Jennifer Prestholdt and Charles Weed
Josh Pyke
Catherine Quinlan and Kevin Bruesewitz
Pola Rest
Paul Robb
Betsy Roder
Katy and Mike Roelofs
Ann Rogers
Jerilyn Rogers
Amanda Roll-Kuhne
Phillip Romine
Tiffany Roufs
Melanie Rouse
Donna Samelian
Mike Schechter
Gary and Mary Schlieckert
Lori Schluttenhofer
Patricia Schneck
Luann and Curt Schneider
Holly and Ian Schramm
Fred and Lorraine Schreiber
Alina Schroeder
Anthony and Sally Sexton
Susan Seymour
Katie Sherman and John Strand
Razeene Shrestha
Douglas and Donna Sieplinga
Bree Sieplinga and David Luke
Sarah Smith
Mike Soderberg
Ryan Solberg
Sara Stack
James Strommen
Merton Strommen
Siri and Jonathan Strommen Campbell
Alison Svendsen
Paula Swanson
Rose Swanson
Douglas H. Thayer
Jolene Thibedeau Boyd
Liz and Jim Thompson
Joseph Timmons and Karen Ballor
Cheri Townsend
Guy Treanor
Marilyn Turner
Peg and William Unger
Ben Vickery Jr.
John Vilandre
James and Marlene Viota
Mary Vosberg ***
Eleanor Wagner
Nathan Wagner
Marilyn Wells
Christopher White
Sandra and John White
Ann Wiener
Cyndi Wiese
Cheryl Wildemuth and Christopher Badger
Carol Wilkie
Dorothy Williams
Katie Williams
David Winkworth and Jayson Engquiest
Carol Wirkkunen
Darii and Rick Wohlers
Warren Wolfe
Linda Zelig
Sheri Zigan
Jenelle Zumbusch

In-Kind Gifts
Chanhassen Dinner Theatres
Children’s Theatre Company
Draft Horse
FedEx Office – Uptown **
Chris Garza
Joe and Janet Green
Miranda Harincar
Joy Hart Neff
Hennepin Theatre Trust
History Theatre
HUGE Improv Theater
Ken & Norm’s Liquors
Kowalski’s Market **
David Luke
Mixed Blood Theatre
Nighthawks Diner & Bar
Old Log Theatre
Open Eye Figure Theatre
Penumbra Theatre
Pillsbury House + Theatre
Elisabeth Pletcher
Print Craft
Sandbox Theatre
Ten Thousand Things
The Guthrie Theater
The Jungle Theater
Tiny Diner
Upstream Arts Board of Directors
W. A. Frost and Company
Wedge Community Co-op **
Wild Rumpus Books for Young Readers

Anonymous: On behalf of Kit and Al Ferber
Hubert and Shirley Brasseaux: In memory of Irma Hardwick, our beloved aunt
Pamela Jo Costain and Lawrence M. Weiss: In honor of the birthday of our daughter, Rosa Costain
Jackie and Lynn Finney: In honor of Jessica Finney
Lois Freeberg-Requa: In honor of Devra Goldstein
Robert Goodfellow: In honor of Jackie and Dave Guidry; In honor of Caleb George-Guidry
Joe and Janet Green * ***: In honor of Caleb George-Guidry
Jean Greenwood: In honor of my son Jay Johnson
David and Jackie Guidry: In memory of Donald Gene Landry Jr.
Dorothy Guidry: In honor of Caleb George-Guidry
Melinda Jacobs: In honor of daughter Madeline and son Cole
Steven Kiwus and Liza Leigh-Kiwus ***: In honor of Chloe Kiwus
Steven Malham: In support of Matt Guidry’s cathedral…
Marjorie Paller: In honor of Mary Zubrzycki for her birthday
Dawn Sieplinga and Don Penniman: Remembering…
John and Nancy Quinlan: In memory of my Mom, Nancy C. Quinlan
Alic eand JOhn Reimann: In memory of Nancy Quinlan
Phillip Romine: In honor of Matt Stoneburg
Sue Scott and Ron Peluso: In memory of David Scott
David Sieplinga: In honor of Bree’s 40th!
Helen Silha: In honor of Charlie and Maggie Quinlan Frawley – and son Mark Silha, who has been an Upstream Arts participant
Jolene Thibedeau Boyd: In honor of the fabulous teaching artists at UA and the awesome employees of Community Involvement Programs’ Employment & Community Supports! You all make me SO proud!
Chinyere Onaeri and Tyler Wiese: In honor of Cyndi Wiese
Peggy Wilcox-Browning and Steven Kramer: In honor of all the great artists who make this work
Mary Vosberg ***: In memory of Kelly Needham
Jenelle Zumbusch: In memory of Francis J. Sullivan

* Monthly Sustainer
** The Art of We Sponsor
*** 2006-07 Founding Supporter

This list reflects gifts made between July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016. We make every effort to ensure this information is accurate. If you notice errors or omissions, please contact us. 

Our Current Corporate and Foundation Supporters



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The F. R. Bigelow Foundation




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The Bush Foundation





California Institute of Contemporary Arts





Community Shares of Minnesota


Greater Milwaukee Foundation logo

The Greater Milwaukee Foundation

Edith C. and J. Oscar Greenwald Fund; Henriette S. Neverman Fund; The Children’s Fund



Headwaters Foundation for Justice

Headwaters Foundation for Justice



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The Gladys M. Smith Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation




MSAB LogoClean Water Land & Legacy LogoMinnesota State Arts Board

This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a Minnesota State Arts Board Operating Support grant, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund.

This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund.


Mount Sinai Community Foundation, a designated fund of the Jewish Community Foundation of the Minneapolis Jewish Federation





The National Endowment for the Arts




The Nordlys Foundation



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The Irwin Andrew Porter Foundation



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The Saint Paul Foundation






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VSA Minnesota
Upstream Arts is a 2017 recipient of an ADA Access Improvement Grant from VSA Minnesota, with funds from the Metro Regional Arts Council. This activity is funded, in part, by the Arts and Cultural Heritage fund as appropriated by the Minnesota State Legislature with money from the Legacy Amendment vote of the people of Minnesota on November 4, 2008.


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