Attendees at The Art of We: Are Family. Photo by Anna Min.

Check out our upcoming summer programs hosted at Artistry!

Get involved with Upstream Arts this summer with two great opportunities for learning and creativity.

Enrollment is now open for The Art of Voice and Choice and The Art of Social Skills!

“Historically, artists have played a role in bringing emotional truth to institutions. The arts have the potential to break new ground, to energize our personal connections, and to open new doors for invention and practice. These are the things that Upstream Arts is bringing to our services.”

– Rochelle Cox, Executive Director of Special Education, Minneapolis Public Schools

In 2017-18, your contribution to Upstream Arts will impact

professional artists working at the intersection of the arts, disability, and learning.

cross-sector partnerships with schools, adult day programs, disability service providers, and community organizations across Minneapolis/St. Paul and beyond.

innovative multidisciplinary arts programs, designed to nurture vital social and communication skills for people with disabilities at every stage of life.

individuals of all ages and abilities receiving 16,000+ contact hours of instruction in the arts and social/communication skill development.

We are committed to providing more arts learning experiences for people with disabilities at every stage of life.

Will you join us?

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