Proud Culture Club Poem

Proud that I can sing, proud of
my language ability.
I’m proud of my AWESOME friends.
Summer camp starts tomorrow.
Dancing, same job for the fifth year.
There’s music to dance to. Music!
I get raises, I get compliments. I’m a success.
Play the piano, work by myself.
Someone tells me I did a good job.
Success is big and tall like a giraffe.
Maybe it’s tiny and short. I have to stick my neck out.
Someone tells me they love me.
It’s happy, yellow and black like bumblebees.
Are zebras yellow? They are successful.
Do my own laundry and cooking.
Become a famous writer. Move out! (I’ll need money!)
I’ll learn it step by step.
I’ll practice. I DID IT!
When I achieve my goal (YIPPEE!) I’ll do what I want.

Culture Club