Upstream Arts is proud to be partnering with Pillsbury House + Theatre to create Arts on Chicago, a new placemaking initiative that will implement TWENTY projects in ONE YEAR throughout the Central, Powderhorn, Bancroft, Bryant communities along Chicago Avenue from 32nd Street to 42nd Street (click here for a map).

One of 47 initiatives nationwide to receive funding from ArtPlace America, Arts on Chicago will further the use of the arts in neighborhood locations to encourage social interaction, support the growth of local businesses and safer streets, and promote a sense of neighborhood identity and ownership.  Other Arts on Chicago partners include the Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association, Ward 8 Council Office of Elizabeth Glidden, and Minneapolis College of Art and Design Professor Natasha Pestich.

In the coming months, we will be posting numerous ways YOU can get involved with Arts on Chicago.  Most immediately, if you’re an artist who lives or works in the area, consider attending one of the upcoming information and inspiration workshops for details about submitting a project proposal.  You can also read the proposal guidelines and download an application by visiting the Arts on Chicago website (click on “Apply/Aplique”).  If you’d simply like to read more about Arts on Chicago, explore ways you can get involved as a resident or business owner, or check out projects as they’re developed, stay tuned to http://pillsburyhousetheatre.org/arts-on-chicago.