A few details about the triathlon this Sunday, for those who want to go support our Teaching Artist Jess Finney in person!

  • She’s in Wave 5, which starts the swim at 8:12.
  • Her number is 264.
  • She’ll most likely begin biking around 8:32.
  • She’ll most likely begin the run around 9:45.
  • She’ll most likely finish by 10:25.

Swimming starts at Main Beach at Lake Nokomis, and the transition area is in that big parking lot. Lots of road closures starting around 7am. A big event, so expect big crowds.

Click here for information on the course, including maps of the bike and run. Click here to download the race guide if you want to look at a parking map or find more information for spectators (section F).

Jess told us that she’s happy to have supporters anywhere along the race route, but would especially love to hug folks after the race and celebrate. So if you set up camp (for example) near the small beach or on the east side of the lake, you might make your way toward the finish or the west side of the lake after you see her fly by! There should be plenty of time to get over there, since she’ll be sticking around for the post-events, which include awards, raffle prizes, etc.

By the way, have you heard the incredible theme song that our Teaching Artists Dylan Fresco and Anton Jones created to cheer on Jess? Click here to listen and rev up for the weekend.