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And now… A Brand New Masterpiece By Upstream Arts and YOU.  

Over this past week, we’ve been inviting our community to collaborate on a brand new work of art, reflecting on the importance of creativity in our lives. Today, we are thrilled to present two poems for you, by you… 

We can be proud of the scribbles on parchment paper

Through trial and error with fanciful tutus
We juggle air schedules and play dress up
How old are you?

The body of noodles is a self soother
The B-I-N-G-O secures our near future
A classroom laughing grounds me through the fragile first drafts
I’m two, too!

The famous poem helps me keep perspective
The paper and markers gets me through the meeting
The head of hot sauce makes the most of every day
Fantasy is hard to learn

Written by You and Matt Guidry, Upstream Arts’ Program Director

I remember

ballet slippers 3 years old, my child self fantasy
decorating hats, always in my memory
dress up drama and pencil on parchment paper
scribbles in a wedding album
I thought the paper was for me

Today at the magic Thai buffet, I used my creativity
alone with noddles
juggling airfares
entertained children during meetings
I made the students laugh
and they forgot to be fragile

so much depends on
the red wheelbarrow
and on poetry
to ground, to soothe

Looking forward, we use our creativity
to make the most of every day
of every adventure,
to each day, get out of bed

Written by You and Bree Sieplinga, Upstream Arts’ Associate Director