Peter, Stephen, and their family celebrating the big day - and your generosity!

Peter and Stephen with their children Roy, Britta, and Sarah, celebrating the big day


Artists, teachers, SEAs, program staff, community partners, parents, siblings, supporters, friends – you have been absolutely incredible these past few months! Which is nothing new, of course; our community is extraordinary year-round. However, in this season of reflection and gratitude, we want to shout out some special thanks to all of you who have been helping us bring the arts to individuals of all ages and abilities.


PETER, STEPHEN, AND THEIR BEAUTIFUL COMMUNITY. Last month, former Upstream Arts Board member Peter Vitale and his longtime honey Stephen Nelson officially tied the knot – and in lieu of gifts, they asked their friends to support their favorite nonprofits, including Upstream Arts. In honor of the Vitale/Nelson Family, we’ve received nearly $3,000 over the past month! Thank you, dear celebrants, for your profound generosity:

Thomas Amon and John Kundtz; Jason Backes; Katharine Baker; Blayne Barnes; Mary and Kurt Becker; Anne Bendel; Philip and Carolyn Brunelle; Deborah Cloud; Mark and Claudia Cohn; Eugene Crawshaw; Lucinda Cummings; Ellen Doherty; Alan and Lynn Goldbloom; Luann Hakel; Nathan Hanson; William Hanson; Michelle Hensley; Mary and Gregg Larson; Alisa and Brian Linne; Ann Logelin; Linda Madsen; Elizabeth McDonough; Michael McGee; Caron Moore; Amy and John Nymark; Joanna and Ronald Perkins; Lezlie Rabine; Michael Richards; Kimberly Richardson; Barbara and B. David Rippon; Robert Rothaar and Sue Kearney; Matt Sciple; Christine Sedesky; Cynthia Stokes; Amy and Con Tang; Mary Lamers Tkach; Nancy Waldoch and John Bueche; Sarah Walter; Karen Wills; Michelle Woster and Peter Quale; Laura Young and Susan Purdie


OUR GIVE TO THE MAX AND FALL FUND APPEAL SUPERHEROES. Despite major problems with the website – and subzero temperatures that make everything feel twice as difficult anyway – our community has been utterly heroic this past month. We had hoped to raise at least $5,000; you gave more than $8,000! Thank you, dear superheroes, for your incredible support:

John Adams; Kim Adams; David and Joy Baker; Kathryn Barr; Alan Berks and Leah Cooper; Andrew Boyer; Doris and Gary Braley; Hubert and Shirley Brasseaux; Christine Brown; Jane and John Cacich; Allan and Susan Carneol; Ann Casey; Kathleen Cobb; Jeff Cords and Amy Scheller; Barb Croxen; Jennifer Delisi; Laressa Dickey; Michelle Dickerson; Steve Dietz; Nils Dybvig and Michele Braley; Jessica Finney; Tim and Becky Freeman; Thomas and Marilyn Gales; Phyllis Genest-Stein; Ron Goldstein and Susan Freeberg; Kelsye Gould; Dominick and Mary Green; Joe and Janet Green; David and Jackie Guidry; Marcie Guidry; Drucie Haddock; Dale and Rose Haning; Shawn Harpley and Marilyn Murphy; Claire Hawkins; Ed and Alice Henson; Eddie Henson; Ryan Hoag; Jason Howard; Ellen and Jim Hubbell; Anthony Indelicato; Amy and Andy Jendrzejewski; Larissa Kokernot; Sarah Long; Kym Longhi and Jim Peitzman; Tracey Maloney; Ann Mavis; Mary and Rosie McDonough; Mary McEathron; Patricia Moore; Marilyn Mounger; Linda and Bill Murphy; Kelly M. Nakashima; Lisa Negstad; Jean Ness; Theresa O’Connor; Rebecca Orman; Paul and Linda Ostmoe; Carolyn Payne; Allyson Perling; Brian Poulton and Merle Greene; Catherine Quinlan and Kevin Bruesewitz; Maggie Quinlan and Robert Frawley; Noël Raymond and Amy Finch; Jennifer Rutkoski; Marcia and Jerry Sansby; Jon, Karen, and Andrew Schwalbe; Bree Sieplinga and David Luke; Gillian Spence; Marie Yu Stipkovits; Lisa Taglia; Phil and Rebecca Taylor; Martin and Kate Thomas; Jim and Rita Urbanek; Kevin Ward


OUR GRACIOUS ANONYMOUS DONORS. Every year, we receive numerous contributions from members of our community who wish to remain anonymous, including one annual gift that always comes in the amount of $333, another dedicated to Caleb George Guidry, another in honor of the Vitale/Nelson Family, and others. We want to give these generous individuals – you know who you are – a big bouquet of very special thanks for the vital role that you play in our work. You are immensely appreciated!!


OUR MIGHTY STATE, FOUNDATION, AND CORPORATE PARTNERS. Since July, we’ve been honored to receive new grants from the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council and the Staples Foundation. We also recently wrapped up our fall programming with Lifeworks, which was supported in part by the Otto Bremer Foundation. We’re infinitely grateful for these partners, whose support represents a major portion of our annual income. Click here for a full list of partners whose support over the past year has made our work possible.


AN UPDATE ON OUR FUNDING GAP. You have had such an impact this fall! Our funding gap is now only $63,106, a significant leap from our original gap of $118,691 in July. We’re pushing to raise another $2,500 by the end of this month, enough to subsidize nine weeks of arts education for students in a middle school autism program. If you haven’t given yet this year, now is the perfect time – your gift can still make a difference. Consider dedicating your contribution to someone you love as a holiday gift! Thank you in advance for your partnership.


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