The band No Reason

No Reason (image via Facebook)


On May 17, the band No Reason will play at the first ever Upstream Arts Annual Meeting and Fundraiser! Needless to say, we’re super excited to have them join us for this celebration. In case you’re not already familiar with this great local group, here’s a brief Q&A with drummer Joshua Hooper to get your toes tapping.


Who are the members of No Reason? 
We currently have five members; three are going to perform at the Upstream Arts event. The members are Jake, Joe, Mike, Ben, and Josh.

Where did you meet and how did the band get started?
It started out in high school. I wanted to form a band, so I talked with some musicians in my band class. They were digging it, so No Reason was born!

Do you write original music, perform covers, or both? What’s your favorite kind of music to play?
We have our own compositions, and we also play cover songs. We like to play blues, rock, Jazz, indie, all sorts.

How did you get involved with the Upstream Arts Annual Meeting and Fundraiser? Why should people come check it out on May 17?
We were playing at the Windom South Community Center, and one of your staff members told us about Upstream Arts. My twin brother Jake and I also went to Transition Plus a couple of years ago, which is a cool connection. I think it will be very fun! We are looking forward to playing! Going to be great.

Do you have any other upcoming concerts and/or places online where your music can be found?
We will be playing at Windom South Community Center on June 14 and August 16! We also have a Facebook page and YouTube channel with music.


Experience great music by No Reason at the first ever Upstream Arts Annual Meeting and Fundraiser on May 17 at Pillsbury House Community Center! This event is FREE and OPEN to all – click here to learn more and RSVP.