We can’t say it enough: ENORMOUS THANKS to everyone who supported Upstream Arts on Give to the Max Day and those who have mailed or dropped off gifts!

David and Joy Baker, Sharon Bash, Christine Brown, Jane and John Cacich, Ann Casey, Charles Crowley, Michelle Dickerson, Frank de Lathouder, Jackie and Lynne Finney, Jessica Finney, Thomas and Marilyn Gales, Ron Goldstein and Susan Freeberg, Phyllis Genest-Stein, Joe and Janet Green, Kelsye Gould, Dale and Rose Haning, David Harris, Ryan Hoag, Karen Johnson, Ben Krywosz, Julie Kurtz, Nikki Madsen, Ann Mavis, Mary McEathron, Gerald Mevissen, Kelly Nakashima, Maggie Nathan, Nanci Olesen and Steve Epp, Katherine Roth, Tony and Keven Saputo-Swanson, Sue Scott and Ron Peluso, Mary and Tom Seitz, Anthony Sexton, Galen Smith, Gillian Spence, Katie Taylor, Phil and Rebecca Taylor, Becky Timm, Peter Vitale and Stephen Nelson, Sally Koering Zimney and Andy Zimney, and one anonymous donor

To date, we’ve raised $5,292 toward our goal of $15,000 by December 31. We’re more than a third of the way there – amazing!

As you know, Give to the Max Day also marked the birthday of Henry Brown, star of our 2014 Annual Report illustrated by Teaching Artist Masa Kawahara. We have a brand new video to share, introducing both Henry and Masa, and showing Henry’s reaction to the Annual Report! It also includes some special thanks (including a “Thank You Handshake”!) from Henry and Masa for you. Click here to watch.

We still have $9,708 to raise before December 31 in order to meet our $15,000 year-end goal. If you haven’t given to Upstream Arts yet this fall, please consider chipping in now! Your support will ensure more aspiring artists like Henry Brown, young people like our participants at the Milwaukee JCC, and adults at day programs like MSS can access and thrive in our high-quality, curriculum-based, multidisciplinary programs, taught by some of the Twin Cities’ most accomplished professional artists.

You can always donate online at, call (612) 331-4584 to make a gift by phone, or mail checks to our office at 3501 Chicago Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55403.

Thank you so much for your partnership!