Upstream Arts Teaching Artist and Participants

Rehearsal for The Art of Me, to be presented for one night only this Friday, 12/19!


Huge thanks to everyone who has given to Upstream Arts since our last fall fundraising update!

John Adams, David and Joy Baker, Marie France and William Beitz, Marc and Alicia Belton, John and Peggy Burns, Catherine and Bedellmus Downing, Teri Goethel, Mary and Dominick Green, David and Jackie Guidry, Ed and Alice Henson, David and Michelle Horan, Jason Howard, Christine Hurney and Timothy Fisher, Mary Irmiger, Karen Johnson, Mary Ann Lippay, Norah Long, Richard and Carol Markham-Cousins, Jeninne McGee, Jeff and Sarah Milligan-Toffler, Marilyn Mounger, Tom and Darlene Niedlinger, Nancy Olesen and Steven Epp, Sarah Peters, Noël Raymond and Amy Finch, Holly and Ian Schramm, Katie Sherman and John Strand, Helen Silha, Ed Sootsman and Scott Appelwick, Gillian Spence, Michael and Martha Wilson, Michael Witzany, and one anonymous donor

We have $1,347 to raise before December 31 to meet our $15K year-end goal! If you haven’t donated to Upstream Arts yet this fall, now is the perfect time. Your support will ensure programs like The Art of Me and The Art of Relationships impact more people of all ages and abilities in 2015. Click here to make an online gift right now.

We’re grateful for your partnership!