Art of Me participant dancing

The Art of Me participant Murry enjoying a movement activity at Opportunity Partners


Last month, we launched three new The Art of Me programs for adults with disabilities at Opportunity Partners. The Art of Me focuses on self-expression and artistic collaboration – and always includes a culminating public performance and/or art exhibition. In addition to exploring multiple art forms while building vital social and communication skills, The Art of Me allows participants to gain a whole new level of experience in artistic production by developing and publicly presenting work alongside professional artists.

We’re only halfway through these programs, but the groups already are generating some amazing work. For example, check out this poem, written collaboratively by participants:


I’m a boss I’m a person a creator
Of whatever makes me happy…it’s an art.
A plain man, a bowler who gets nervous
When presenting – take a breath. Make a start.

A tiger black and orange on an antelope hunt,
A princess who’s a ruler of the world.
If I was back on my feet I’d be dancing
Like a dog or a puppycat who shook it till he twirled.

I wish I could walk, sing, cook or fly
To my family – see the Whole…
Passionate. Exotic. A real cool guy.
Successful scared achiever on a roll
Yes YES WOW… to my Yellow Sun Goal.


This edition of The Art of Me will culminate in two FREE public performances, with a tandem photography exhibit, on April 30 and May 1, 6pm, at Opportunity Partners (Koch Campus, 5500 Opportunity Court, Minnetonka, MN 55343). Both events are FREE and OPEN to the public. You also can catch some of this work at our Annual Meeting and Fundraiser on May 11, with yet another multidisciplinary event to follow at Opportunity Partners in June (stay tuned for details).