Julie Guidry on TODAY TJM4 Live at Noon with Vince Vitrano

Julie Guidry on TODAY TMJ4 Live at Noon with Vince Vitrano


In case you missed it: Last month, Upstream Arts Executive Director Julie Guidry was featured on several  morning news TV spots, talking about our exciting partnership with the Harry and Rose Samson Family Jewish Community Center in Milwaukee!

These appearances coincided with our February offerings of The Art of Social Skills and The Art of Access at the JCC, both of which were jam-packed with extraordinary participants and loads of fun. As Julie noted in her interview with Vince Vitrano on TODAY TMJ4 Live at Noon, Upstream Arts prioritizes fun as “an incredibly compelling component” of the work that we do. “You get to come together in community, as a group, and really enjoy each other’s company; make significant, relevant choices in the artistic realm… and work together to be able to feel that level of success,” which leads to self-confidence, among many other benefits.

Click here to watch Julie’s full interview on TODAY TMJ4 Live at Noon. 

Click here to listen to hear Jody Margolis and Tiffany Gardner from the Harry & Rose Samson Family Jewish Community Center on Milwaukee’s 94.5 Lakeviews with Libby Collins, talking about partnering Upstream Arts.