Assortment of postcards from Postcard Underground

A beautiful collection of notes from Postcard Underground


In recent weeks, we have received a flood of postcards full of encouragement and affirmation for our work. These notes – most of which specifically shout out The Art of Relationships, referencing the recent feature on Minnesota Public Radio – are signed with first names only and have no return addresses. The only clue to their origin is the handwritten or rubber stamped name, “Postcard Underground.”


Postcard 1
Postcard 2
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There’s no central info hub for “Postcard Underground” online – only accounts of many others who have been recipients of similar kindnesses. Even the reporters at MPR couldn’t track the group down, when they started receiving postcards a few years ago.

So in case anyone from Postcard Underground finds this blog post – please know we’re so grateful for your thoughtfulness and generosity! You have made our days, lifted our spirits, and inspired us to keep moving upstream. Thank you!