VocalPoint and Upstream Arts

VocalPoint and Upstream Arts Teaching Artists performing together (Photo by Bill Cameron)


Huge thanks to VocalPoint and everyone who came out for the concerts last month! We are amazed to report that VocalPoint raised over $20,600 for Upstream Arts and shared our story in a beautiful new way with more than 800 audience members, many of whom learned about Upstream Arts for the first time. Click here to see images from the concerts on Facebook.

What will $20,000+ in unrestricted funds do for Upstream Arts? So much! It could subsidize 20 school programs in pre-K-12 Special Education classrooms. It could support two full 12-week The Art of Relationships programs or The Art of Me productions featuring adults with disabilities. Thanks to YOU, Upstream Arts will impact even more individuals with disabilities at every stage of life over the coming year.

From the bottom of our hearts, we are so grateful to everyone at VocalPoint for this opportunity, and to the audiences who came out and supported our work so generously.

Special thanks for contributions from Upstream Arts supporters old and new: Alan Abramson, Debrah Albert, Roxanne and Lyle Alexander, Tom and Karen Alf, Eric Alland and Katherine Murphy, Art and Jan Anderson, Birgit Anderson, Jennifer Anderson, Beverly Antonich, Jennifer Lillemo Ayd, Caitlin Badger, Hayley Bahnemann, Ellen Baker, Richard Barker, Leslie Bartlett, Frederic Baudat, Diane Beck, Marc and Alicia Belton, Janet Beneke and Ralph Butkowski, Christopher and Alexandra Bertz, Bill and Chelle Bird, Vicki and Richard Bonk, Otis Borop, Lydia Bradley, Aviva Breen, Charles Burdick and Christy Haynes, Joy Burdick, Susan Burns and Jim Gausman, Siri and Jonathan Strommen Campbell, Dorothy Canfield, Gail Celio, Ming Chen and Zewei Song, Joan and Jerry Christensen, Sara Christensen, Flannery Clark and Michael Riby, Peter Clark and Molly McBeath, Laura Clay and David Colby, Linda Clay, Brian and Rebecca Cline, Dwight and Nancy Colby, Dan and Mary Connolly, Jeff Cords and Amy Scheller, Rich and Jackie Cowles, Thomas Crann, Jr. and Andrew Martin, Stuart and Margaret Imdieke Cross, Lawrence and Lisa Cumpston, Catherine Dalton, Elizabeth Davidson, Emily Davidson, Karen Davidson, Mary Beth Davis, David Deschene, Laura and Michael Doerr, Janice and Gerald Downing, Dyanne Drake, Judith Durfey, Janet Engeswick, Jill Engeswick, Cynthia Eyden, Jessica Finney, Annmarie Florest, J and Barbara Fonkert, Deb Fonkert and Scott Schlittenhert, Mark and Sarah Foster, Tom Gallagher, Ron Gardiner, Andy and Anne Garner, Andrew and Katie Garner, Jess Garner, Chris Garza, Anne Gerrietts, Irene Ghatt, Jenny Goodfriend and Jara Wiley, Troy Grossman, Bruce and Sharon Grostephan, Andrea Hable, Dennis and Christina Hansen, Marlena Haugen, William and John Haugen, Lenore Hauser, Kathy Hayden, Katlin Heidgerken-Greene, Deborah Hiestand, Lucy Hiestand, Samie-Mae Horton, Jaymes and Janet Hubbell, Florette and Alvin Hujanen, Thomas and Karen Idstrom, Robert and Sonja Irlbeck, Lori Jacobwith, Beth and Norman Jagger, Cheryl Jensen, William and Ann Johnson, John Judd and Janet Nagel Judd, Erin and Alexander Jude, Kathy Judkins, Virginia Juffer, Joan Kelly, Sherry Kempf and Ethan Bleifuss, Zena Khalil and Bangean Abdullah, Sarah Kinney, Natalie Kinsky, Timothy and Mary Jo Kinsky, Alyssa Klein, Jo Klein, Doug Knowlton, Marie Koehler and John Spielman, Miriam Krause and Will Pomerantz, Karen Kutzner, Robert Larson, Tim Lawrence, Pamela Layton, Alyssa Leibfried, Heather Leide, Stuart Leland, Kathleen Lenarz, Linda Letts, Janet and Richard Lillemo, Linda Lingen, Karin and Daniel Link, Sophie Liu and Hans Othmer, S & T Lodge, Lisa Losure, Deb Ludowese, Jessie and Robert Ludowese, Josh and Christy Lynghaug, Rachel Maiers, Allison and Justin Hawley March, Stephen Marchese and Jodi Sandfort, Alicia Marchioni, Judi and Todd Marshall, Jack and Lorelei Miller, Andrea Mirenda, Christina Moe, Karen Moe, Bradley Moore and Carolyn Borow Moore, Craig Muntifering, Naheed Murad, Bette Olson, Chinyere Onaeri and Tyler Wiese in honor of Cyndi Wiese, Paul and Linda Ostmoe, Renae Oswald-Anderson, Kathie Pate, Len Pattky, Rikki Patton, Lekha Pauly, Patricia Penshorn, Loren and Jean Petrich, Ashley Piediscalzi and Joshua Garvin, Wendy Plager, Cana Potter, Jennifer Prestholdt and Charles Weed, Josh Pyke, Maggie Quinlan and Robert Frawley, Ellen Rest, Pola Rest, Katy and Mike Roelofs, Ann Rogers, Jerilyn Rogers, Amanda Roll-Kuhne, Phillip Romine in honor of Matt Stoneburg, Susan Rostkoski, Tiffany Roufs, Melanie Rouse, Donna Samelian, Gary and Mary Schlieckert, Patricia Schneck, Luann and Curt Schneider, Jessica Schneider and Aaron Clifton, Fred and Lorraine Schreiber, James Schreiber, Susan Seymour, Razeene Shrestha, Bree Sieplinga and David Luke, Bruce Smith and Marie Prottengeier Smith, Maureen Smith, Sarah Smith, Gillian Spence, Allison Steffenhagen, John-Mark and Nancy Stensvaag, Sharon and Randy Stinson, James Strommen, Merton Strommen, Tim and Dawn Strommen, Alison Svendsen, Dan Swanson, Paula Swanson, Phil and Rebecca Taylor, Kristin Thompson and Erica Nastrom, Liz and Jim Thompson, Cheri Townsend, Marilyn Turner, Peg and William Unger, Ben Vickery, Jr., Ron and Serra Vickery, John Vilandre, James and Marlene Viota, Eleanor Wagner, Nathan Wagner, Marilyn Wells, Sandra and John White, Cheryl Wildemuth and Christopher Badger, Ann Wiener, Carol Wilkie, Dorothy Williams, Katie Williams, David Winkworth and Jayson Engquist, Carol Wirkkunen, Warren Wolfe, Linda Zelig, Sheri Zigan, plus 20+ anonymous supporters!

We can’t wait to see you all again soon. Thank you for moving upstream with us!


Please note: We make every effort to list our supporters accurately! If you notice any errors or omissions, please contact our office at (612) 331-4584 or email Rachel at [email protected]