Nikki Abramson in NO LIMITS

Don’t miss Nikki Abramson’s NO LIMITS at the Minnesota Fringe this month!


Our Teaching Artists and Staff are involved in a wide range of professional projects outside of their work with Upstream Arts. Each month, we post opportunities to see their performances, exhibitions, and other events around the Twin Cities and beyond. Click on the links below to learn more.

Nikki Abramson is presenting NO LIMITS, a one woman show about disabilities and defeating the odds, at the Minnesota Fringe Festival from August 5-14 at the Ritz Theater Studio! “Told at the age of 5 she would die in her teens, Nikki Abramson refuses to be stamped with an expiration date. Now 29, watch as she pushes past limits while portraying a cast of colorful characters in her world.”

Sarah Brown has been painting! Stay tuned for opportunities to see her work.

Evelyn Digirolamo is creating and performing in a theater piece called 600 Years, presented by Sandbox Theatre and premiering at the Southern Theater August 26-September 18. “What if humanity was inherently good? Sandbox steps 600 years into the future to tell the story of a matriarchal society guided by preservation and trust. Wilderness has reclaimed the planet. After two centuries teetering on the brink of extinction, the human population has stabilized and entered into a renaissance. Elite bands of women known as Seekers brave the harsh elements that separate a scarcely populated landscape, bringing with them messages of hope, history and knowledge to aid in rebuilding a more connected society.”

Norah Long is busy recording final studio vocals for the A Night in Olympus promo pak (Illusion Theater); serving as Music Director for Nature‘s Twin-Cities-area tour leg, rehearsing the local Community Chorus (TigerLion Arts); teaching private piano, voice, and theater lessons; and recuperating from a whirlwind month in Chicago! Learn more about Norah’s many projects at