Evelyn Digirolamo in 600 Years

Catch Evelyn Digirolamo in Sandbox Theatre’s 600 Years through 9/18 (image via Sandbox)


Our Teaching Artists and Staff are involved in a wide range of professional projects outside of their work with Upstream Arts. Each month, we post opportunities to see their performances, exhibitions, and other events around the Twin Cities and beyond. Click on the links below to learn more.

Sarah Brown has been painting! Stay tuned for opportunities to see her work.

Evelyn Digirolamo is performing in 600 Years, a theater piece that she co-created with Sandbox Theatre, running at the Southern Theater through September 18. “What if humanity was inherently good? Sandbox steps 600 years into the future to tell the story of a matriarchal society guided by preservation and trust. Wilderness has reclaimed the planet. After two centuries teetering on the brink of extinction, the human population has stabilized and entered into a renaissance. Elite bands of women known as Seekers brave the harsh elements that separate a scarcely populated landscape, bringing with them messages of hope, history and knowledge to aid in rebuilding a more connected society.”

Rachel Jendrzejewski is beginning rehearsals for a new multidisciplinary piece she has written, Early Morning Song, in collaboration with Red Eye Theater. Tickets for the October premiere go on sale September 6! Click here to read all about the project and process.

Masa Kawahara is performing in the world premiere of Queen by Erik Ehn and Junauda Petrus, directed by Alison Heimstead, at In the Heart of the Beast from September 23 through October 2. He also designed puppets for The Children by Michael Elynow, directed by Noel Raymond, which runs at Pillsbury House + Theater from September 16 through October 16.

Norah Long is going to the Miss America Pageant in Atlantic City, accompanying our reigning Miss Minnesota as talent coach! She’ll then step back into Nature with TigerLion Arts, touring to Cincinnati, OH for a week of performances and then returning to our own Three Rivers Park District for a week at The Landing in Shakopee and a week at Eastman in Elk River. All the while, she’s back in session at North Central University teaching a voice studio of 40 private students, plus her ongoing job as weekly soloist and quartet director at St. Philip the Deacon ELCA Church.

Tracey Maloney is performing in The Children by Michael Elynow, directed by Noel Raymond, at Pillsbury House + Theater from September 16 through October 16.

Sara Richardson is performing in The Liar, a very funny modern adaptation by David Ives of an old French farce by Corneille, at Park Square Theatre. Performances open September 9 and run through October 2.

Lindsey Samples is performing in Theatre Forever’s The Venetian Twins at the Southern, opening Sept 23. She’s also directing Ifrah Mansour’s How To Have Fun In A Civil War, which performs in October at the Children’s Theatre Company.