Community members at the Art of We: Are Family in 2016.

Community members at our annual fundraiser, The Art of We: Are Family. Photo by Anna Min, Min Photography Enterprises, LLC

We are incredibly grateful to the generous supporters who have launched our Fall Fund Appeal with such verve! Thank you to everyone who has donated since our last update:

Sharon Alton; Steve Anderson; Michael Anderson and Katie Peacock; Jen Aspengren; David and Joy Baker; Kathryn Barr, Delphine and Michael Barringer-Mills; Bill Beitz and Marie France; Andrew Boyer; Christine and Henry Brown; Don Burns; John and Peggy Burns; Jane and John Cacich in honor of their new baby grand-daughter, Phoenix Frances; Ann Casey; Kayla Collins; Leah Cooper; Rochelle and Regan Cox; Betsy Davies; Beth Derenne; Jean Echternacht; Jackie and Lynne Finney; Jess Finney; Charlene Gaffney; Thomas and Marilyn Gales; Phyllis A. Genest; Rich and Phyllis Genest-Stein; Brian and Chrissie Glenn Mahaffy; Kelsye Gould; Joe and Janet Green in honor of Caleb Guidry; Mary Green; David and Jackie Guidry; Drucie Haddock; Dale and Rose Haning; Carmen and David M. Harris; Jennie Herklotz; Neely Heubach; David Holewinski; Alan Horton; Mary Irmiger; Amy and Andy Jendrzejewski; Rachel Jendrzejewski and Theo Goodell; Karen and Barry Johnson; Anton Jones and Kelly Fallows; Alyssa Klein; Cindy Kuehl; Julie Kurtz; Justin Lansing; Steven and Liza Leigh Kiwus in honor of Chloe Kiwus; Theresa Lynn Landry; Nina LeSaout; Norah Long; Kym Longhi and Jim Peitzman; Dan Lori; Marilyn Maas; Tracey Maloney; Alicia Marchioni; Ann L. Mavis; Dreya Morrigan; Joan Morris; Sandra Mueller; Linda and Bill Murphy; Julianna Muthu; Laura and Chris Pardo; Adam Perry; Natasha Pestich; Maddie Phelps; Steve Piekarski; Elisabeth Pletcher; Kate Quinlan; Alice and John Reimann in honor of Helen Silha; Michael Ritchie and Rebecca Loader; Betsy Roder; Sharon Rodning Bash; Holly and Ian Schramm; Sue Scott and Ron Peluso; Dara Rudnick; Mary and Tom Seitz; Tony and Sally Sexton; Bree Sieplinga and David Luke; Doug and Donna Sieplinga; Karl and Lisa Simer; Gillian Spence; Sara Stack; Madge Thorsen; Becky Timm; John Townsend; Pramila Vasudevan; Michael and Martha Wilson; Andrei, Erin and Max Zolotukhin-Ridgway; Chubb Corporate Matching; and two anonymous donors.

Because of you, we are $10,000 closer to our Fall Fund Appeal Goal of $30,000! Thank you for contributing towards our mission of activating and amplifying the voice and choice of individuals with disabilities. Together, we are building a more inclusive world.