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We are honored to introduce CommonSense [email protected], another of our generous sponsors for our Annual Community Celebration and Fundraiser The Art of We: Are More Than One Story on May 17, 2018.

Portrait of Janice Downing, CEO of CommonSense Consulting@Work

Janice Downing, CEO of CommonSense [email protected] Photo courtesy of

CommonSense [email protected] recognizes that people are the most powerful asset of any organization, and they partner with clients to refine and develop human resources. Specializing in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Team Dynamics, and Organizational Assessment and Development, CommonSense creates and implements strategies to ensure alignment between organizations and their people, which in turn creates more efficiency and productivity. Working across the nation, Common Sense [email protected] prides themselves in their ability to find the root cause of a situation and to facilitate change in a systematic, cost-effective manner. Want to know more? You can learn about their dynamic services at

Janice Downing, the owner of CommonSense [email protected], is not only a talented human resource professional with over 30 years of experience, she’s also been a dedicated member of Upstream Arts’ Board of Directors since 2013. We know first-hand how her down-to-earth style and straightforward manner elegantly translate technical theory into clear easy-to-use concepts and strategies.

We’re full of gratitude for Janice’s ongoing commitment to making a more inclusive world, from her long-standing board involvement to her vision with CommonSense [email protected], to her generous support of The Art of We: Are More Than One Story, ensuring our event is free and accessible to all. Thank you for your sponsorship!