Lori Jacobwith, of Ignited Fundraising, holding a bell in front of a slide reading "Communication Tools to Build Engagement and Raise Money"

Lori Jacobwith, of Ignited Fundraising. Photo credit: Roma Vista Photography

We are thrilled to recognize Lori Jacobwith’s Ignited Fundraising™ as a generous sponsor of our Annual Community Celebration and Fundraiser on May 17, 2018! As a company that recognizes the power of a good story to incite change and an expert in fundraising culture change, no one could be more fitting to sponsor The Art of We: Are More Than One Story.

Lori Jacobwith, founder of Ignited Fundraising™, is a nationally-recognized master storyteller whose bold positivity and passionate belief in the power of stories have helped nonprofit organizations across the United States put their missions into action. Upstream Arts has experienced the benefits of Ignited Fundraising firsthand. After meeting at Arts Lab in 2013, Lori has provided continued insight, helping the team at Upstream Arts embrace talking about the true costs of the work, or, as she likes to call it: “what it takes to change lives.”

Lori Jacobwith presenting in front of a slide reading "Continually Invite Participation"

Lori Jacobwith, founder of Ignited Fundraising. Photo credit: Roma Vista Photography

Ignited Fundraising™ offers resources for all levels of organizations, ranging from free 30-minute advice sessions to formal training seminars. Check out their Fire Starters Blog, with its weekly wisdom, and more resources at www.ignitedfundraising.com for a glimpse into the boldness and clarity upon which they are built.

We appreciate Lori’s vision, as she immediately grasped and articulated the way our work and advocacy intertwine. “As a passionate believer in the power of storytelling, I was struck by how Upstream Arts’ work lent itself perfectly to sharing stories to dispel myths about people with disabilities.” Thank you, Ignited Fundraising™, for your generous sponsorship and for your help in bringing our stories to life.

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