An individual on an MSS outing at CHS field.

MSS takes an outing to CHS Field. Photo courtesy of MSS.

It is with great pleasure that we count MSS as one of our generous sponsors for The Art of We: Are More Than One Story!

Through day training and habilitation, vocational services, arts programs, and more, MSS provides individualized approaches and support to people with intellectual and physical disabilities to help them reach their personal goals and achieve their full potential. With six facilities spread over the metro area, MSS programs nurture confidence, vitality and creativity in everyone.

Upstream Arts’ story has interwoven with MSS since 2014, when we first partnered together, and we’re grateful for their long-standing support and belief in our work. Michelle Dickerson, Vice President of Program Services of MSS, wrote, “Over the past 4 years, MSS participants have enjoyed participating in a variety of UA programs including the Art of Retirement and the Art of Relationships. Each time a UA program ends, participants and staff all ask when we can bring them back for more.”

Individuals from MSS in front of a wall of paintings at The Show Gallery

MSS visits The Show Gallery. Photo courtesy of MSS.

We come back to MSS again and again, full of appreciation for their dedication to person-centered approaches. In fact, thanks to MSS’ interest in building the self-advocacy skills of the people they serve, Upstream Arts developed and incubated our newest program – The Art of Voice and Choice – with MSS over the past year. We value MSS’ commitment to the arts as an integral part of programming and are excited for many more chapters to come. Learn more about MSS at their website,

Thank you, MSS, for sponsoring our annual celebration and fundraiser, ensuring it will be free and accessible and increasing the impact of our event!

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Phone: 651-778-1000