Portrait of Lisa Scamehorn, founder of Pharos Employee Benefits.

Lisa Scamehorn, founder of Pharos Employee Benefits. Photo courtesy of http://www.pharoseb.com.

We extend enormous thanks to Pharos Employee Benefits, Inc,  one of our sponsors for The Art of We: Are More Than One Story on May 17, 2018 at the Science Museum.

An illustration of the lighthouse Pharos of Alexandria

An illustration of the famous lighthouse, Pharos of Alexandria, after which Pharos Employee Benefits is named. Image courtesy of http://www.pharoseb.com.

Founded by Lisa Scamehorn, Pharos Employee Benefits helps companies navigate the changing tides of employee benefits, approaching every customer with concierge-level customer service. Named after one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the famous lighthouse Pharos of Alexandria, Scamehorn’s company acts as a beacon, evaluating employee benefits based on cost and alignment with company culture. Pharos engages employees in fully understanding their benefits and protects businesses by helping them stay in line with critical regulatory obligations. Learn more about Pharos Employee Benefits at their website: http://www.pharoseb.com.

As a long-standing client of Pharos Employee Benefits, Upstream Arts appreciates their clarity and professionalism. We have been working with them since our inception, and for over a decade we have received phenomenal services from the dedicated team at Pharos.

We are honored by their sponsorship, which ensures that our annual fundraiser and celebration remains free and fully accessible. This support amplifies the overall impact of our event, widening the sea of support that makes our work possible. We’re pleased to shine a light on Pharos Employee Benefits. Thank you for your sponsorship!


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