A participant at PRI drawing during class

A participant at PRI engages with the arts. Photo courtesy of Partnership Resources, Inc.

We’re so pleased to share two more fantastic sponsors of our annual celebration and fundraiser on May 17: Partnership Resources Inc. and Highland Friendship Club! Each of these organizations is a fabulous partner, and we’re grateful for their support.

 A photo of Highland Friendship Club's logo

Highland Friendship Club (HFC) is a Minnesota non profit that provides opportunities for teens and adults with disabilities to develop meaningful friendships with persons of all abilities as well as connect with their wider community. Upstream Arts has partnered with HFC for many programs, including The Art of Me program, which culminated in a stunning public performance last March, and an open enrollment class this spring.

Highland Friendship Club encourages individuals to pursue their interests and form lasting relationships based in acceptance and mutual respect. With a goal of improving overall wellness through inquisitive social engagement and community support, HFC is a perfect partner for Upstream Arts’ expressive arts-based learning. We look forward to continuing to celebrate collaborative and diverse stories together. Thank you, Highland Friendship Club!

For more information about Highland Friendship Club, visit their website:  http://www.highlandfriendshipclub.org.

Logo for Partnership Resources, Inc.

Partnership Resources, Inc. (PRI), is a non-profit that advocates for personal creativity, unity through diversity, and the individual’s right to personal decision-making as they work with adults with disabilities. With the belief that each and every individual has unique potential for community contribution, Partnership Resources Inc. offers person-centered vocational coaching to help participants find positions that align with their needs and goals as well as day programs that encourage individualized participation in community life.

We have been enthusiastic partners for many years; Patty Richardson, of PRI, recalls how at the very first “freebie” clients and staff walking by observed the dynamic engagement and presentation of Upstream Arts. “They got the PRI clients who seemed like they would never participate to accept their offers to get involved,” she wrote. “Staff enjoyed it so much they were still talking about it with their colleagues later that afternoon at an “All Staff” meeting. Word was out and PRI has never looked back!” This enthusiasm is just part of what we love about collaborating with this vibrant organization. Thank you, Partnership Resources, Inc.!

For more information about Partnership Resources, Inc., visit their website: https://www.partnershipresources.org.