A Participant and Teaching Artist converse via drum.

A Participant and Teaching Artist converse via drum.

A huge round of thanks to the incredible individuals who helped us end our 2017-18 fiscal year on a strong note and step into our current year with a splash!

After one of our recent classes, the lead Teaching Artist told us this:
“We ended today’s poem dance with a couple of minutes of an old school free-for-all dance party, and it was a complete joy. When we left, Lucy, one of the participants, threw her arms up and said ‘Thanks for making me happy!’ We all gladly returned the sentiment.” 

You help make this mutual exchange of joy possible. Thank you for moving with us towards a more inclusive world:

Steve Anderson; Emily Davidson; Eileen Fisher; Robert Goodfellow; Lorissa Gottschalk and Matt O’Brien; Keren Gudeman; Susan Haas and Michael Sommers; Timothy Harincar; Anthony Indelicato; Ellen Lynch; Rebecca Morlan; Marilyn and Kenneth Mounger; Rebecca Orman and Christian Fredrickson; Benjamin W. and Pamela K. Phelps; Gretchen Pick; Phillip Romine, in honor of Jennifer Anderson; Sue Scott and Ron Peluso; Sarah Sevcik; Harold D. and Barbara K. Smith; Gillian Spence; Becky Timm; Jim and Rita Urbanek; The Graham Smith Team; and one anonymous donor.

Our current funding gap is $98,948. We have until December 1, 2018 to close $30,000 of that gap in order to include more individuals like Lucy in artful and expressive interactions.

Will you make a tax-deductible gift of $25, $100, $250, $500, or $1,000 today to support the 50+ programs we are running this summer and fall?