A painting with handwritten text overlaid. Text is shared below.

A collaborative poem and painting from the most recent Art of Social Skills at Eden Prairie Parks & Rec

This July, Upstream Arts partnered with Eden Prairie Parks and Rec to bring The Art of Social Skills for summer camp. As part of the week long program, participants collaboratively created paintings, poems, and songs, among other arts activities. The image above is one of the paintings they made together with a collectively written poem overlaid. The poem reads:

The Poem of Friendship

Good job, friends!
Go to an amusement park, the mall
Eat ice cream: vanilla, strawberry, chocolate
Have sleep overs, play basketball
Eat pizza pies, all day.

A sunny day, a hug, a joke
A friend is always with us
A friend should never lie, hit, tell secrets, NO!
Keep each other safe
And always play sports, be friendly, and always be there
Hive fives and hugs!

We’re looking forward to returning to Eden Prairie Parks and Rec in August for The Art of Working! Click here for more information and to register. 

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