Participants and Teaching Artists create shapes with their bodies.

Participants create moving statues in space together during and Upstream Arts program. Photo credit: Matt Guidry

Incredible thanks to all the wonderful supporters who have invested in Upstream Arts since our last update. The impact of your contribution continues to reverberate.

Recently one of our Teaching Artists in The Art of Working told us this story:
One of our participants, Emily, works as a stock person at Walgreens. She really wants to work at the register but it makes her nervous. A few weeks ago we did a scenario where she was working the register, and we practiced how she could ring people up while being friendly but concise with customers. Two weeks later she came running up to me and told me she got to train in as a cashier over the weekend! It still made her nervous, but she kept taking deep breaths and remembering what she had practiced in class.”

You help make successes like this possible. With your support, we all can work towards our goals, taking deep breaths along the way, and moving towards a more integrated, inclusive world. Thank you:

Nils Dybvig and Michele Braley; Theresa Landry; Justin Lansing; David and Terri Sieplinga; Gillian Spence; Becky Timm; The Graham Smith Team; and one anonymous donor.

We have until December 31, 2018 to close $27,783 of our funding gap in order to ensure that more individuals like Emily have artful opportunities to work towards their goals.

Will you make a tax-deductible gift in any amount today to support the vital social skills cultivated in The Art of Working and our other programs?