An Upstream Arts Teaching Artist and Participant sitting in chairs, practicing an acting scenario

Upstream Teaching Artist and Participant act in a scenario during a class.

Join us in Rounding Up for a more inclusive world.

Upstream Arts is now partnering with RoundUp App, a program that allows you to automatically donate the change from your credit or debit card transactions. It’s an easy way to give a little bit every time you buy something, sustaining our work in the process!

With a few easy steps, you can sign up for the app, securely connect your card and bank account, and start making a difference. Every time you use your card, RoundUp App rounds up to the next dollar and sends that money to us! It’s a simple way to support high quality arts learning for individuals with disabilities. Once you sign up you never have to think about it again, and you can even set a monthly limit.

If you’re already convinced that a few extra nickels can make a difference, click here to sign up.

Want to understand more? Watch this short 90 second introduction video:


Click here to sign up for RoundUp App and start investing your change!