A Teaching Artist and Participant drumming.

Upstream Arts Teaching Artists and Participants communicate through rhythm.

A huge thank you to all of the amazing supporters who have invested in Upstream Arts since our last update, listed below.

Special thanks to our friends at Thrivent Community – West End and everyone who came out to celebrate and raise funds at Art at the Heart. We’re thrilled to report that our community gave over $3,000! It was an honor to be in a room full of committed and caring individuals who were ready to enter in with an attitude of access. We heard beautiful stories of inclusion and impact from several parents of Upstream Arts participants and board members of the Thrivent Community – West End. We were reminded to practice assuming the ability of everyone we meet. And together we created a poem and dance, Upstream Arts style!

This community is love
But we miss those that lack
We miss those that are sad and sick
We feel dark, thick rain like a blue foggy turtle
We will invite everyone as fast as a yellow cheetah
And everyone will feel a light yellow woooo!

Thank you to the incredible supporters who foster this mindset with their generosity:

Karl Adalbert; David Dobish; Margaret Douglass; Jenny Ehrnst; Michael Fries; David and Jackie Guidry; Jennifer Hanson; Kelly Hedge; Roseanne Hope; Benjamin Johnson; Anton Jones and Kelly Fallows; John and Joan Kaminski; Jayme Keseley; Michael Klisanich and Michelle Monson Klisanich; Justin Lansing; Katrina Lasota; Steven Manuel; Marilyn and Kenneth Mounger; Anton Newman; Elisabeth Pletcher; Michelle Quick; Linda Radius; DebJo Sathrum; Courtney Schneider; Alan Sickbert; Gillian Spence; David and Cindy Kay Staloch; David Stankoski; Kristin Swanson; Becky Timm; Mary Townzen; Jess Wenstrom; Susan Williams; Pete Wohlberg; F5 Networks;  Amanda Woll; United Health Group; Thrivent Financial Community – West End; Thrivent Financial Matching, The Graham Smith Team, Keller Williams Realty and three anonymous donors. Special thanks to Ergodyne, a division of Tenacious Holdings, who contributed in anticipation of sponsoring our annual event!

An extra enthusiastic thank you to the individuals who committed to transforming their pocket change into real-world change by joining the RoundUp App. Each month these individuals round up the cents on their credit card purchases through a simple and secure app and donate it to Upstream Arts:

Kimberly Adams; Rochelle Cox; Lori Jacobwith; Theresa Madaus; Ann Mavis; and Bree Sieplinga.  

It will take just $19,773 by December 31, 2018 to close this year’s portion of our funding gap and keep us on track to reach over 3,000 individuals in the coming year.

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