A collaborative painting from an Upstream Arts program

Together we have incredible impact! Thanks to the amazing supporters who contributed on Give to the Max Day! With your support and a generous match from CommonSense [email protected], we raised $8,549, allowing us to to say YES to an additional program this spring!

We’re grateful for everyone who has participated in our larger Fall Fund Appeal, and acknowledge the following phenomenal supporters who have donated since our last update:

Stuart Ackerberg; Sharon Alton; Steve Anderson; Kathryn Barr; John Belew; Deborah Bowdry; Andrew Boyer; Christine and Henry Brown; Erin Brueggemann; Jane and John Cacich; Ann Casey; Andrew D. Clark; Zoe Cohen; Kayla Collins; Leah Cooper; Rosa Costain; Julia Davidson; Betsy Davies; Shirley and Patrick Devine; Jessica Finney; Eileen Fisher; Vicki and Steve Frawley; Chrissy and Peter Fuchs; Phyllis A. Genest; Rich and Phyllis Genest-Stein; Sue Gibson and Neill Merck; Ron Goldstein and Susan Freeberg; Kelsye Gould; Sarah Gruidl; David and Jackie Guidry; Dale and Rose Haning; Laura Harada; Timothy Harincar; Bridget Harrington and Graham Smith; Carmen and David M. Harris; Hendlin, Inc. on behalf of Mike Kust; Ryan Hoag; Heather Holcombe and Caleb Kennedy on behalf of Spencer Kennedy; David Holewinski; Diane House; Mary Irmiger; Amy and Andy Jendrzejewski; Rachel Jendrzejewski and Theo Goodell; Pat, Robie, and Chester King; Justin Lansing; Norah Long; Brian and Chrissie Mahaffy; James and Kathy Malpede; Alicia Marchioni; Chris Martin; Ann L. Mavis; Maeve and Liz McDevitt; Mary McEathron; Karen Moe; Collette Morgan; Joan Morris; Marilyn and Kenneth Mounger; Linda and Bill Murphy; Carolyn Payne; Adam Perry; Bob Pranis and Veronica Weadock; Catherine Quinlan; Maggie Quinlan and Robert Frawley; Tip and Ann Ray; Tim Sciple; Sue Scott and Ron Peluso in memory of David Scott; Mary and Tom Seitz; Bree Sieplinga and David Luke; Douglas and Donna Sieplinga in memory of Dob and Gay Sieplinga; Marc Skaug; Jolene Thibedeau Boyd; Gaelynn Lea Tressler; Andrew Troth; Pramila Vasudevan; Nicole Weiler; Michael and Martha Wilson; Darii and Rick Wohlers; Patricia Woolsey and Luke Warren; Lucia Yess and David Melling; Andrei, Erin, and Max Zolotukhin-Ridgway; The Graham Smith Team at Keller Williams; Chubb Corporate Matching; and two anonymous supporters.

We’re full of appreciation for this commitment to high quality arts learning with individuals with disabilities. It will take just $35,000 by December 31 to bring another 6 classes online in the spring. Thanks to these supporters, only $14,964 remains of our funding gap!

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