An abstract painting with green, purple, pink and yellow

A collaborative painting made during an Upstream Arts program.

We’re grateful for the phenomenal supporters who have donated since our last update, helping us to end 2018 on a strong note:

Kim Adams and J. Scott Johnson; Michael Anderson and Katie Peacock; Marie France and William Beitz; Rochelle and Regan Cox; Barbara and Tim Croxen; Laressa Dickey; Jackie and Lynne Finney; Lee and Serge Garces; Chris and Wendy Gennaula; Julie and Matt Guidry; Susan Haas and Michael Sommers; Drucie Haddock; Ed and Alice Henson; Lori Jacobwith; Anton Jones and Kelly Fallows; Theresa Lynn Landry; Justin Lansing; Steven and Liza Leigh Kiwus; Joshua Lemon and Lori Sandoval; Norah Long; Mary Lyng and Rosemary McDonough; Theresa Madaus; Brian and Libby Marx; Ann L. Mavis; Shelley and Michael Miner; Tabitha Montgomery; Marilyn and Kenneth Mounger; Eric Mueller; Tom and Darlene Neidlinger; Luke Novak; Amy and John Ottaviani; Noël Raymond and Amy Finch; Dan Reed; Paul Robb; Betsy Roder; Sara and Mike Shaw; Barbara Shelton; David and Terri Sieplinga; Douglas and Donna Sieplinga; Dawn Sieplinga and Don Penniman; Gillian Spence; Brenda and Michael Staloch through The Staloch Family Fund of the InFaith Community Fund; Alan C. and Jean W. Thiel; Becky Timm; Karine and Tom Vosberg; Michael Witzany; Mary Ann and John Wolters; Goldman Sachs Matching Gift Program; Red’s Savoy Pizza – Uptown; The Caterpillar Foundation Matching, United Health Group Matching; and three anonymous donors.

Extra special thanks to all those who participated in the Red’s Savoy Pizza Chow for Charity event in December. The Uptown location generously donated 20% of every order made the evening of Dec 5 where Upstream Arts was mentioned. 

We’re excited to participate in the Change Matters program at the Wedge and Linden Hills co-ops this January! When you shop at the Wedge Table or the Wedge and Linden Hills co-ops during the entire month, round up to support Upstream Arts. A few cents on your bill can have a huge impact for hundreds of individuals, bringing the creative arts to more students and nurturing social and communication skills. Click here to learn more

We’re honored by the incredible support of our community- your vision and commitment has a huge impact. Thank you for all that you do!

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