This year’s annual celebration and fundraiser is an opportunity to immerse yourself in Upstream Arts activities. If you’ve ever wondered what “Emotion Statues” or “Flock of Birds” are, or how we write a collaborative poem that includes everyone’s voice, The Art of We: Can Dance If We Want To is your chance to find out.

On Monday, May 20, 2019, Bauhaus Brew Labs will transform into a carnival of Upstream Arts activities where you can exercise choice and express your voice. Below, we’re highlighting some of those activities, like Paint the Music, Collaborative Poetry, and a drop in Upstream Arts Class. Keep an eye out for more posts about activities, as well as exciting prizes you can win, and the sponsors who make it all possible.

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Paint the Music

Paint the Music is a classic Upstream Arts activity that’s exactly what it sounds like. Find the station with the paintbrush symbol, put on the earphones to listen to the music, and notice how it makes you feel. Choose a color for that feeling, and paint your movement, adding it to everyone else’s shapes and colors. Enjoy the colorful music-inspired results!

Collaborative Poetry

With help from a Teaching Artist, we’ll weave our voices together in a shared poem. Find the station with the quill and ink writing symbol. A Teaching Artist will offer you prompts such as: What color is inclusion? What weather do you feel like today? What animal is Upstream Arts? Together you’ll craft the next line of a poem. Read the resulting poetic expression as we display the poems across the wall. 

Upstream Arts Drop In Class

We can dance if we want to! Find the station with the dancing people symbol. Our talented Teaching Artists will lead an Upstream Arts class with some of our favorite movement, rhythm, and conversation activities. Dance like a flock of birds, or have a conversation using only the words Yes, No, and I Don’t Know. Join at any time or grab some complimentary hors d’oeurves and watch; observing is a type of engagement!

Coming next: Pay-to-Play/ Play to Win The Social Skills Safari, Emotion Statue Prize Wall, and a game of Heads or Tails.

In addition to the fabulous and free Upstream Arts class activities at our upcoming event, be sure to bring cash for the pay-to-play games and chances to win exciting prizes!


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