What if we said that by making the simple choice of heads vs. tails, you could win a summer packed with adventure? Well, it’s true. For $10 and a little luck, you could be enjoying a great meal at W.A. Frost, followed by a show at the Orpheum! Then the next weekend you could watch the Twins from the Delta 360 Club deck, or maybe a play a few rounds at Top Golf. Take a jaunt up to New York Mills Cultural Center for “The Great American Think Off, ” then spend a Saturday enjoying the beauty of the MN Arboretum with VIP passes, or pedal around Minnehaha Falls in a Wheel Fun bicycle carriage before dining on delicious food at Borough. Endless summer fun could be yours!      

How can you throw your hat in the ring for this exciting prize package? It’s easy! Just attend our annual celebration and fundraiser on Monday, May 20 at Bauhaus Brew Labs from 6-9pm and follow these simple steps:

1) Buy a button (or two… or three!) from the Pay to Play station. (Look for the Green Heads or Tails symbol.) Each button gives you a chance in the game. Get one for $10 or 3 for $25.

2) When the game begins, we’ll toss a coin. Choose heads or tails. If the coin matches your choice, you get to stay in the game for another round! If you chose the opposite, you have to take off a button. Once you’re out of buttons, you’re out of the game. We’ll keep flipping a coin until there is one person remaining.

3) Win! The final player receives the exciting “Summer in the Cities” Prize Package!

“Summer in the Cities” includes 

Saturday, May 25, 1:00 pm vs. White Sox or
Friday, June 14, 7:00 pm vs. Royals, or
Tuesday, June 25, 7:00 pm vs. Rays, or
Sunday, July 7, 1:00 pm vs. Rangers!

Be sure to bring your cash or checkbook for a chance to play and win this fabulous package. 

 Click here to RSVP for a free ticket today!

Join us Monday, May 20 from 6-9pm at Bauhaus Brew Labs for The Art of We: Can Dance If We Want To. Free, family-friendly, and fully accessible. Click here for more information. 

Huge thanks to the generous donors who provided these exciting prizes: