We’re excited to see you at The Art of We: Can Dance If We Want To on Monday, May 20 at Bauhaus Brew Labs! Below is detailed information on how to get to the event and where to park.

1315 Tyler St NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413
(Click here to see the location on google maps.)

There are multiple ways to get to Bauhaus Brew Labs:

The most direct route is to turn  east into the parking lot where 13th street meets Tyler street. There is an arch is the buildings that leads to the parking lot with ample accessible parking.

PLEASE NOTE: the archway you must pass through to access the accessible parking spots is not large enough for a Metro Mobility bus, which measures 11 ½ feet tall by 96 inches wide (add about 14 inches per side for the side view mirrors).

If you are arriving by a Metro Mobility Bus or other large vehicle, continue north on Tyler St NE, and turn east where 14th street meets Tyler, following the road around to the back of Bauhaus Brew Lab Brewery where you will find abundant parking and an entrance to the venue.

Parking is free in the accessible surface lots surrounding Bauhaus Brew Labs.

We’re looking forward to seeing you!

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