A huge thank you to our incredible community of supporters! Because of you, more students are learning vital social skills; more teachers are learning creative strategies for engagement; more individuals with disabilities are making more choices for themselves; more support staff are using innovative ways to listen; and we all are growing in richer communities of inclusion.

Much gratitude to the following supporters who have contributed since our last update:

Rochelle and Regan Cox; Robert Goodfellow in honor of Jackie and Dave Guidry; David and Jackie Guidry; Julie and Matt Guidry; Elizabeth Hannan; Melinda Jacobs; Lori Jacobwith; John and Joan Kaminski; Justin Lansing; Norah Long; Ann L. Mavis; Marilyn and Kenneth Mounger; Elizabeth L. Ohrn in honor of Ann Mavis; Noël Raymond and Amy Finch; Gillian Spence; The Graham Smith Team of Keller Williams Realty; Chubb Corporate Matching; and three anonymous donors.

We’re blown away by the powerful commitment of our community! In the first half of June alone, you have already moved us halfway towards closing our gap. It will take $2,598 before June 30 to close the gap, ensuring that every person who wants to participate in Upstream Arts can make that choice.

True inclusion takes everyone working together. Last year Upstream Arts was supported by 281 individual investors. This year, with the help of enthusiastic supporters like you, we are growing our critical base. We currently have 318 donors for this fiscal year. Will you push us to 350? Let your friends know why you are part of Upstream Arts, and how they too can make an incredible impact! 

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