We’re overwhelmed with the generosity of our community of supporters; you are a vital part of ensuring that people of all ages and abilities have access to high quality arts learning, building social and communication skills that are vital to all parts of life. With your commitment, more and more individuals with disabilities have the opportunity to share who they are through the arts.

We were particularly honored to be a recipient of MyTalk 107.1’s annual fundraising, Project Down and Dirty. Every fall the hosts at this radio station compete with each other on air to raise funds for non-profit organizations. This year the theme was art, and for several days the hosts lived together on the MCAD campus, learning about art-making and cavorting in a “reality show on the radio.” The event culminated in an art auction and celebration, from which the proceeds were also donated to Upstream Arts and three other organizations. Colleen and Bradley were the wonderful hosts championing Upstream Arts. We were blown away by the outpouring from listeners, who, combined with a generous match from The Graham Smith Team of Keller Williams Realty, raised a total of $8,035! 

An extra special thank you to everyone who contributed for Give to the Max Day, moving us $3,360 closer to bringing an another residency to a classroom this spring! This groundswell of grassroots support emphasizes how important each individual is in building a more inclusive world.

With huge thanks we acknowledge the following supporters who have contributed since our last update: 
Nikki Abramson; Melanie Aggen; Jennifer Anderson
Marea Anderson, in memory of her dad, Tom Checheris, aka Stamos; Linda Anderson; Brenna Atz; Kathryn Barr; Sharon Bartels; Charles Beyer; Stephanie Born, in honor of all the hosts at MyTalk, Christine and Henry Brown; Joy Brown, in honor of her daughter, Justine; Mary Bruss; Carrie Camp; Susan and Allan Carneol; Dinah Caswell; Laurel Cheple; Steve A. Clobes; Dan Conley; Leah Cooper; Rochelle and Regan Cox; Dan D; Ann Dyellig; Carrie and Ian Eccleston; Bethany Ekblad; Dianna Emond in honor of all those with mental health disabilities who are able to shine through art; Jessica Finney; Eileen Fisher, in honor of Julie and MattStacie Flaten; Mike Gale; Kristi Gavin on behalf of the myTalk Sales Team; Jane Gehrke; Phyllis A. Genest; Phyllis Genest-Stein; Mara Gollin-Garrett; Jilayne Gottsch in honor of all the amazing artists/instructors in the Nordeast art spaces; Kelsye Gould; Vern Graff; Shelly Groshens in honor of her awesome artist niece, CarlyDavid and Jackie Guidry, in memory of Harold A. Guilbeau; Julie Guidry; Kathy Hagen, in honor of all the people who help make the arts possible to everyone; Noelle Haland, in honor of all the tiny nonprofit organizations who can’t afford to hire staff and grant-writers but who do amazing work; Timothy Harincar; Carmen and David M. Harris; Jen Hartle; Sarah Hartman; Rebecca Hennessey; Heather Holcombe and Caleb Kennedy, on behalf of Spencer KennedySandra Hollischer; Jack Holmen; Debbie Hoppe, in honor of her nephew WyattJaimee Hynes; Jodi Ingman in honor of Brad, Colleen, and Holly; Amy and Andy Jendrzejewski; Rachel Jendrzejewski and Theo Goodell; Kara Jennings-Boyd; Jana Johnston, in honor of her kids; Anton and Kelly Jones; Patricia Jones; Dawn Jones; Arthur K; Stephanie Keenan; Brenda Kiffmeyer; Ingrid Koller, in memory of LaurieKaren Kosar; Ben Krywosz; Julie Kurtz; Patricia Kurtz; Diana Kutscher, in honor of myTalk 107; Katie LaMere; Theresa Lynn Landry; Theo Langason; Justin Lansing; Michelle Lee-Reid; Sarah Lehr; Steven and Liza Leigh Kiwus in honor of Chloe Kiwus; Jackie Lewis; Gretchen Lommen; Norah Long; Kym Longhi and Jim Peitzman; Sean Lynch, in honor of his superhero autistic granddaughter; Theresa Madaus; Elizabeth Madaus; Tracey Maloney; Thomas L., Joann D., and Chris Mason; Vanessa Mattila; Ann L. Mavis; Stacey McCurnin, in honor of the wonderful staff and teaching artists at Upstream Arts; Stephanie S. Melhus; Linda Miller, in honor of the MyTalk hosts; Michelle Miller; Tabitha Montgomery; Angela Moos; Collette Morgan; Virginia Morris; Gay Morris; Marilyn and Kenneth Mounger; Kelly M. Nakashima; Janet Nelson; Karen Nelson, in honor of her son; Donald and Ava Nielsen; Elizabeth Niemeier; Wanda Noetzelman, in honor of Rocco; Therese O’Connor; Rebecca Orman and Christian Fredrickson; Kris Osberg; Rachel Payette; Carolyn Payne; Jennifer Peace; Lisa Peck; Adam Perry; Natasha Pestich; Callie Peterson; Bob Pranis and Veronica Weadock; Kate Quale; John and Nancy Quinlan, in honor of Charlie Frawley; Kris Rankin; Patty Richardson; Michael Ritchie and Rebecca Loader; Sherry Ritten; Catherine Robinson; Betsy Roder; Deanna Rothbauer; Rachael Schlee; Susan Schwegman; Amber Schwingle Zrust; Clare Seeman; Amber Seifert, in honor of Colleen and Bradley; Kelsey Sells; Annika Simon; Gillian Spence; Krista Stenseth; Linda Tally; Jolene Thibedeau Boyd; Becky Timm; Andrew Troth; Julie Tufte, in honor of her daughter, Brooke; Sonia Ungerman; Carla Valadez; Molly Van Metre; Pramila Vasudevan; Elaina Wald, in memory of Grandma Sharon; Michelle Warren; Michael and Martha Wilson; Del Wilson; Wendell Wilson; Brittany Wisner; Randi Zahratka, in honor of all the superheroes; Jennifer Zarth; Julie Zbaracki; Amazon Smile FoundationThe Graham Smith Team, Keller Williams Realty; United Health Group Employee Matching; members of the UW-Stout Spring 2019 Senior Show, and 12 anonymous donors.

It will take $40,921 to close the funding gap in individual donations by December 31, 2019, allowing us to run over 30 residencies in schools, adult day programs, and community settings this spring. Your contributions make all the difference! Together, we are working towards authentic inclusion, where each person is valued, each voice is heard, and every one has the power of choice in their own life.

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