Emily is a very social elementary student in one of the Special Education classrooms where we teach. While she loves to interact with people, she’s intimidated by large crowds. It’s not easy for her to perform, and when she’s invited to do an activity, she never wants to come to the middle of the circle, where she’s the center of attention.

Upstream Arts Teaching Artists meet Emily where she’s at, encouraging her to participate from the edge of the circle, and to grow towards the center. Emily’s classroom teacher recently noted, “Because you allow her to participate from where she’s sitting, it hasn’t inhibited her. It has allowed her to take risks at her level of comfort. And at the end of each session, she finds her way to the middle.” 

Your support of Upstream Arts makes it possible for students like Emily to find success, to grow more confident, and to build skills they will use throughout life. Because of your generosity, we were able to work in 33 classrooms this fall, receiving rave feedback from our partner educators: 

It’s been an awesome semester. As always we are honored to have Upstream Arts in our classroom. It’s just amazing to see the growth of our students and their creative side come to life. Thank you so much to all of you for sharing your talents and enthusiasm with us all.”

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