Summer Arts Collective
July 6th – 17th

Some of the best in Twin Cities accessible arts experiences have come together to offer you an all-new online summer arts experience designed for people of all ages, abilities and disabilities!

Choose from a variety of classes based on your artistic interests –
Take just one or sign up for them all!

All classes are:

 Interactive Group Experiences  * Live Streaming via Zoom 
*  1-hour  *$10/ 1-hour session * Closed Captioned

Scholarships & ASL Interpretation available!

Ready for your summer art adventures?

Class Schedule
All classes run at the same time each day Monday – Friday

WEEK 1: July 6th – 10th

Teens ages 13-17

10-11am – Poetry with Unrestricted Interest (class for ages 13+) 
1-2pm – Dance with Young Dance (class for ages 13+)

Adults ages 18+

4-5pm – Writing with Cow Tipping Press (class for 18+)

WEEK 2: July 13th – 17th

Adults ages 18+

10-11am – Interdisciplinary Arts with Upstream Arts (class for ages 13+)
1-2pm – Music with Rhiannon Fiskradatz  (class for ages 18+)
4-5pm – Visual Arts with MSS (class for ages 18+)

Scroll to bottom of the page for more info about each organization!

Interdisiplinary Arts with Upstream Arts 

Teens/Adults ages 13 and older 

We’ll come together for an interactive arts experience to provide an experiential venue for individuals with disabilities to strengthen self-advocacy skills while gaining a new perspective on how to use our voices and our choices to live our most self-determined lives

Dance with Young Dance

Kids ages 7-12

In this workshop we will explore creative expression to tell the stories that reside in our bodies.  Highlighting everyone’s voice, ability, and story, we will weave together dances created through our exploration of body, action, space, time, and energy. We will use a variety of music and imagery to inspire wide-ranging stories told through movement.

Poetry with Unrestricted Interest 

Kids ages 7-12

At Unrestricted Interest, we believe neurodivergent individuals are natural poets. And songwriters, too! In this class, we will be writing poems and songs that are shaped by helpful patterns. These patterns–repetition, rhyme, line-count–will help create a space where expression can flourish. Participants will write individual poems/songs, but we will also take the opportunity to write together. And we want to extend a special invitation to nonspeaking individuals out there with lyrical minds.

Music with Rhiannon Fiskradatz  

Adult ages 18+

Explore your love of music with a variety of song-filled activities! Enjoy themed sing alongs – such as folk or pop songs, musical games and opportunities to move with creative choreography. Each class will include unique content, so sign up for one or join us everyday!

Writing with Cow Tipping Press    

Kids/Teens ages 7-17

Do you have stories, ideas, and experiences to share? Of course you do! Join us for an innovative, inclusive creative writing workshop that showcases your unique gifts and voice with the world. No experience, reading, or handwriting skills are necessary for students to participate; the only requirements are that you use words in some way, identify as having an intellectual/developmental disability, and are down for trying something new! The five classes will cover readings and writing in creative nonfiction, fiction, poetry, drama, and freewriting and we promise we’ll never tell you your grammar, logic, or spelling is “wrong” or “inappropriate.” The class is also a potential starting point for having your work published Cow Tipping Press for audiences near and far!

Visual Art with MSS

Adults ages 18+

Discover what inspires you! In this class we will learn about a variety of art forms and artists throughout history, create our own works of art, and share what art means to us. This class is part discussion, part activity, with an emphasis on reflection and self-expression.

Meet our Summer Art Collective members:

 Mission: Upstream Arts uses the power of the creative arts to activate and amplify the voice and choice of individuals with disabilities.


Mission: Our vision is a future where people are supported living the life that they choose.



Misson: Unrestricted Interest is an organization dedicated to helping neurodivergent learners transform their lives through writing.


 Mission: Transforming Lives through movement



Rhiannon Fiskradatz

 Mission: Rhiannon is a theatre artist, musician, educator & maker with a passion for supporting folks of all ages and abilities in their pursuit of artistic expression.



Mission: Changing the narrative on disability, in practice and in print.


WE can’t wait to see you THIS SUMMER!
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