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As our fiscal year draws to a close, we look back humbly at the work we’ve been able to do with and alongside our disability community. Even and especially amidst sweeping societal change, we will continue to amplify the voice and choice of people of all abilities the best way we know how: by practicing creativity. If you’re reading this, you are a part of making this work possible. Thank you! 

Take a look at what we’ve been able to do together this year:

– We gathered at the Minnesota History Center for a high-energy celebration and performance from the Highland Friendship Club and creative partners Upstream Arts, Cow Tipping Press, and Mike Nichols Video. 

– After 12 weeks of working together to create original material, the artists of Partnership Resources, Inc. and Upstream Arts showcased a remarkable evening of dance, music, painting, rhythm, songs, and theater at Hopkins Center for the Arts. READ MORE

– We presented The Art of Me multidisciplinary performance and exhibit in partnership with he Harry and Rose Samson Jewish Community Center in Milwaukee. READ MORE

– We collaborated with artists with disabilities from Wayzata Community Church to create “Known by Name” photography exposition. READ MORE

– We partnered with St. Paul Public Libraries to screen Intelligent Lives, a film documentary featuring three young adults with intellectual disabilities navigating high school, college, and the workforce. READ MORE

We reunited with The Moth for a weekend storytelling workshop and performance on storytelling for non-traditional communicators. READ MORE

– Thanks to the MN Department of Health, we embarked on a poster campaign with the artists at MSS, to spark dialogue and increase awareness around bodily autonamy and sexual violence prevention. READ MORE

– Executive Director Julie Guidry testified twice at the MN Legislature for a bill that would require sexual violence prevention training for Direct Service Professionals. READ MORE

– We brought The Art of Relationships into Minneapolis high schools and transition programs, allowing us to bring our sexual education and self-advocacy work to adolesants for the first time! READ MORE