Teaching Artists and attendees dance and create shapes as part of the Drop-In Class
A Teaching Artist facilitates a collaborative poem with some young event attendees.
A Teaching Artist helps a young attendee paint the music.

As we celebrate the last year of our work (and look forward to the next!) at our annual fundraiser, The Art of We: Are All Connected, we’ll have opportunities to creatively connect through Upstream Arts’ activities. Whether you’ve never experienced Upstream Arts programming first hand or you’ve been part of Upstream Arts residencies for multiple years, you’ll have a chance to try something new, play, create, and connect.

If you’re attending IN PERSON, join us from 6-9pm at the American Swedish Institute. From 6-7:15pm, you can participate in classic Upstream Arts activities (see below), win prizes, eat delicious hors d’oeuvres, and reconnect with friends. Then at 7:15pm we’ll continue to celebrate with our formal program and fund-a-need, ending by 8:15pm.

If you’re joining us virtually ONLINE, log in at 7pm to connect with Upstream Arts Teaching Artists and fellow attendees, and then stay tuned for the formal program livestream at 7:15pm, ending by 8:15pm. You’ll also have opportunities to be part of the fund-a-need and win prizes!

Either way you join, we’re looking forward to seeing your faces, celebrating our community, and moving towards a more inclusive, connected world together.

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Two Paint Brushes

Pass the Art Collaborative Painting (free activity)

Join a three-person team to collaboratively create a painting. One person offers a rhythm, which inspires the next person to make a sound or movement, which in turn informs the painter’s brushstrokes. Rinse and repeat, in differing orders, and together you create a masterpiece.

Music Notes

Soundscape Orchestra (free activity) 

Choose an instrument app on an iPad, follow the Teaching Artist Conductor, and connect with others to create a beautiful electronic soundscape. Take a risk and volunteer to be the conductor!

Upstream Arts logo with ink and pen, representing Collaborative poetry activity

Paint the Poem the Paint (free activity)

Together we will create a poem and a painting around the theme of connection. With help from a Teaching Artist, you can add a line to the poem or add brushstrokes to the painting – everything is connected! 

Upstream Arts logo with speech bubble and map path, representing "mingle" and the Social Skills Safari game to be played at the event

The Art of Conversation (free activity)

Expand beyond spoken words by taking turns communicating in different languages of art. Choose your artistic medium of either dancing, drumming, singing or painting and have a conversation using that medium. You can also join the circle and watch – observing is a form of participation.

Upstream Arts logo with hearts, symbolizing "express" and the Emotion Wall game to be played at the event

Photo Challenge (free activity) 

Use the weather, emotions, colors, and other variables to inspire your self-portrait! Support a friend and ask them to do it with you. Or, challenge yourself to say hello to someone new and ask them to choose your pictures for you.

In addition to these free activities, there will be a free Social Skills Scavenger Hunt and a pay-to-play Emotion Statue Prize Wall, both of which will give you a chance to win exciting prizes from our generous in-kind donors. Keep an eye out for future posts with the full list of prizes!

Be sure to RSVP to The Art of We: Are All Connected on May 17. Join us at the American Swedish Institute from 6-9pm or online at 7pm to celebrate, immerse yourself in Upstream Arts activities, and fundraise for another year of innovate work.

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