Upstream Arts uses the power of the creative arts to activate and amplify the voice and choice of individuals with disabilities.

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Cover of the 22-23 Annual Report


Now on View: Upstream Arts’ 22-23 Annual Report!

Check out the powerful stories, poems, pictures, and numbers from our past year of work.
One of our adult participants who uses a power chair holds the mic center stage and speaks during an Art of Me performance.

Fall Self-Advocacy Class Registration Now OPEN!

Our Self-Advocacy classes offer a fun, creative, and experiential learning environment for participants to strengthen self-advocacy skills with and alongside Upstream Arts artists and peers.

BI, CAC, CADI and DD Waivers now accepted.

Classes Run
October 2, 2023 – January 11, 2024


Inclusion happens in the
ordinary moments

True access can be achieved through a consistent and intentional practice of doing the little things that say “I see you. I hear you. I notice you.”

We Assume Ability

Participation looks different for everyone, but through creativity, flexibility, and choice, all can be included and find success.

Access is an Attitude

Creating physical access with automatic doors and ramps is necessary and vital, but none of that matters if you don’t feel welcome when you enter a space.


Julie and I created Upstream Arts because we recognized that at the core of engagement and communication is a give and take, an action and reaction, a listening and responding. We knew from personal experience that the arts were a perfect medium through which to practice these fundamental human skills.”

Matt Guidry

Co-Founder and Artistic Director


Paint the Poem in Colors of Self-Advocacy

Paint the Poem in Colors of Self-Advocacy

My voice has value. I have the right to be listened to. These are the first two themes we focus on in our Art of Self-Advocacy classes. The first two weeks of a session are all about getting to know one another, finding the rhythm of each class, and using our themes to start our dialogue about self-advocacy.