Upstream Arts Supporters

Our 2017 – 2018 Individual Donors

Every day, people with disabilities and the people that support them are pushing upstream against the current of life. This is where Upstream Arts gets its name and why we have chosen to focus our donor levels around the Mississippi River, an important landmark and a source of energy, vitality, and community that is treasured by Minnesotans. Starting with the headwaters at Lake Itasca, each river that flows into the Mississippi makes it a more powerful force. It’s the same at Upstream Arts. Each donation, starting with the foundation laid by our core group of donors at the Lake Itasca level, is essential to our sustainability, making it possible for us to continue our mission. Thank you for bringing this energy, vitality and community to Upstream Arts, and for helping us to move upstream.

Mississippi River $25,000 & above
Anonymous Carolyn Foundation
Irwin Andrew Porter Foundation
Minnesota State Arts Board
National Endowment for the Arts

St. Croix River $10,000 to $24,999
Bader Philanthropies
Bush Foundation
California Institute of Contemporary Arts
Headwaters Foundation
MaryAnn Lippay and Stephen Kanee Family Fund
Paul’s Pals
Reid and Ann Shaw
VSA Minnesota
Wayzata Community Church

Cannon River $5,000 to $9,999
Community Shares of Minnesota

Crow River $1,000 to $4,999

Anonymous *
David and Joy Baker
Delphine and Michael Barringer-Mills
Jane and John Cacich
CommonSense [email protected] **
Thomas and Marilyn Gales ***
Greater Milwaukee Association of Realtors Youth Foundation
Joe and Janet Green * ***
Marcie Guidry ***
Ignited Fundraising **
John and Joan Kaminski
The Tom and Mary Gerry Lee Family Foundation
Minneapolis Foundation McCarthy Smith
Marilyn and Kenneth Mounger *
Karl and Lisa Simer ***
Staples Foundation
The Caterpillar Foundation
Wayne and Kathy Urbaniak through The Psalm 37:4 Zeltwanger Fund of the inFaith Community Foundation

Sauk River $500 to $999

Andrew D. Clark
Jeff Cords and Amy Scheller
Gayle Duncan
Bridget Harrington and Graham Smith
David and Michelle Horan
Allison Johnson
Sarah, Jonathon, and Ezra Kusa
Lifeworks Services **
Midwest Special Services **
Karen Moe and Robert Sayers
Richard Murray
Dave and Marnie Peichel
Pharos Employee Benefits **
Benjamin W. and Pamela K. Phelps
James R. and Lucy M. Radatz
Nancy Sonntag ***
The Graham Smith Team, Keller Williams Realty **
Thrivent Community – West End
Yess Yoga **
Youth Frontiers, Inc **

Pine River $100 to $499

Anonymous (4)
Denise and Paul Aasen
Kim Adams and J. Scott Johnson
Allina Hospitals and Clinics Community Engagement
Sharon Alton
Steve Anderson
Michael Anderson and Katie Peacock
Marie France and William Beitz
Andrew Boyer
Shirley Brasseaux
John and Peggy Burns
Cargill Foundation
Ann Casey
Joe and Jane Cavanaugh ***
Chubb – Corporate Giving
Patricia E. Clarke
Kayla Collins
Patricia Collins and Dan Cherryhomes
Rochelle and Regan Cox *
Barbara and Tim Croxen
Patrick and Kristi Curme
Beth Derenne
Michelle Dickerson
John Doan, PE, MPP
Janice and Gerald Downing
Mikayla Durkee
Jean Echternacht
Brian Eck
F5 Networks
Julia Fellers
Jackie and Lynne Finney
Jessica Finney
Eileen Fisher
Samantha Funk
Lee and Serge Garces ***
Chris Garza
Rich and Phyllis Genest-Stein
Ron Goldstein and Susan Freeberg
Robert Goodfellow
Lorissa Gottschalk and Matt O’Brien
Kathy Graves
Mary Green ***
Karen and Dan Grow
David and Jackie Guidry***
Julie and Matt Guidry
Susan Haas and Michael Sommers
Dale and Rose Haning ***
Eric Hansen
Carmen and David M. Harris
Eddie and Michelle Henson
Highland Friendship Club**
Gerald Hoag
Ryan Hoag
Deb Holbrook
Jason Howard
Anthony Indelicato
Melinda Jacobs
Lori Jacobwith
Karen and Barry Johnson
Calvin and Anne Keasling
Gabriel Keller and Emily Sohn
Alyssa Klein
Theresa Lynn Landry *
Justin Lansing *
Katrina Lasota
Laura and Jack Lee ***
Steven and Liza Leigh Kiwus ***
Katherine Lipe and Gloria Zaiger
Norah Long ***
Ellen Lynch
Judy Lysne and Alex Patterson
Linda and James Madsen
Brian and Chrissie Mahaffy
Alicia Marchioni
Ann L. Mavis
Maria McCormack
Mary Lyng and Rosemary McDonough
Cory McIntyre
Jeff and Sarah Milligan-Toffler ***
Tabitha Montgomery
Joan Morris
Eric Mueller
Linda and Bill Murphy
Julianna Muthu
Tom and Darlene Neidlinger
Kirstin Nesbitt
Suzy Palen
Chris and Laura Pardo Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Partnership Resources, Inc. **
Adam Perry
Natasha Pestich
Gretchen Pick
Bob Pranis and Veronica Weadock
Maggie Quinlan and Robert Frawley
Bonnie Rach and Family
Dan Reed
Alice and John Reimann
Michael Ritchie and Rebecca Loader
Paul Robb
Sharon Rodning Bash
Dara Rudick
Lindsey and Andre Samples
Holly and Ian Schramm
Sue Scott and Ron Peluso
Sarah Sevcik
Drew Sieplinga and Alec Shaw
Bree Sieplinga and David Luke
Marc Skaug
Gillian Spence *
Brenda and Michael Staloch
David and Cindy Kay Staloch
The Junior Board at the Sauer Family Foundation
Alan C. and Jean W. Thiel
Madge Thorsen
Becky Timm *
U.S. Bancorp Foundation Matching Gift Program
United Health Group Matching
Jim and Rita Urbanek
Pramila Vasudevan
Igor and Helga Vichnevsky
Karine and Tom Vosberg
Elise Weinberg
Kate Weiss
Peggy Wilcox-Browning and Steven Kramer
Michael and Martha Wilson
Michael Witzany ***
Mary Ann and John Wolters
Patricia Woolsey and Luke Warren
Andy and Sally Zimney ***
Jenelle Zumbusch

Lake Itasca Up to $100

Amazon Smile Foundation
Anonymous (10)
Jennifer Aspengren
Barb and Eric
Sara Barnaby and David Burgwald
Kathryn Barr
Alan Berks
Karla & Bruce Blackwood
Bryan Boyce
Amy Brockman
Christine and Henry Brown
Sarah Brown
Don Burns
Santos Bustamante
Jenna Childs and Dan Johnson
Kathleen Cobb
Leah Cooper
Shauna Cropsey
Claire Cummins
Emily Davidson
Betsy Davies
Rebecca and Phil Davis
Josh Dean
Linda Degidio
Catherine Downing
Charlene Gaffney
Phyllis A. Genest
Chris and Wendy Gennaula
Justin Getting
Winifred J. Gillen
Gail and Tim Gordon
Kelsye Gould
Beth Grimes
Keren Gudeman
Drucie Haddock
Marilyn Haight
Elizabeth Hannan
Kyle Hansen
Timothy Harincar
Margaret Hebig
John Hebig and Kary Kuenzli
Jennifer Herklotz
Richard and Patsy Herrington
Neely Heubach
Cindy Hoag
David Holewinski
Alana Horton
Lauren Hughes and Tamara Smith
Mary Irmiger
Amy and Andy Jendrzejewski
Rachel Jendrzejewski and Theo Goodell
Edward N. and Carol Johnson
Julie Johnson
Anton Jones and Kelly Fallows
Heather Kielpinski
Alyssa Klein
Erin Klug
Cindy Kuehl
Al Kuenzli
Beverly E. Kuenzli
Kary Kuenzli
Kris Kuenzli
Julie Kurtz
Megan Lagas
C. Harold and Diane H. Lambert
Julia Lawler
Jim and Kris Lefferts
Nina LeSaout
Kym Longhi and Jim Peitzman
Dan Lori
Marilyn Maas
Jamie Macpherson
Andrea and Scott Madson
Linda Madson
Tracey Maloney
Judi and Todd Marshall
Brian and Libby Marx
Lynne and Steven McCoy
Jim W. McGaha
Jay McGregor
Christina Moe
Meghan Moore
Rebecca Morlan
Duaine and Jeanne Morphew
Dreya Morrigan
Sandra Muellner
Amy and John Ottaviani
Steve Piekarski
Elisabeth Pletcher
John and Nancy Quinlan
Catherine Quinlan
Edna Rach
Noël Raymond and Amy Finch ***
Kim Anthony Reaume
Thomas Robinson
Betsy Roder
Phillip Romine
Bill and Lillian Rovick
Patricia Royal
Christian and Karen Lee Salter
Alina Schroeder and Chuck Day
Michelle Schutt and Scott Engstrom
Mary and Tom Seitz
Anthony and Sally Sexton
Linnea Shaw
Douglas and Donna Sieplinga
Alison Sipkins ***
Lynn Skupeko
Sara Stack *
John Townsend
Mary Vosberg ***
Andrei, Erin, and Max Zolotukhin- Ridgway

In-Kind Gifts

Amsterdam Bar
Blythe M. Davis Massage & Shiatsu
Bryant Lake Bowl
Cow Tipping Press
Kevin Kling
Kowalski’s Market
Joseph Kuefler
Min Enterprises Photography
Mobility 4 All **
Neighborhood Bridges
Scott Pakudaitis
Elisabeth Pletcher, Curvy Yoga
The Loft Literary Center
The Moth
The Show Art Gallery
Unrestricted Interest
Stan Waldhasser
W. A. Frost and Company
Wild Rumpus Books for Young Readers


Shirley Brasseaux In memory of Hubert Brasseaux.

Jane and John Cacich In honor of our new baby granddaughter Phoenix Frances!

Allan and Susan Carneol In honor of Oliver Lerner and his excellent sleuth skills.

Charlene Gaffney In honor of all adults and children with special needs.

Winifred J. Gillen In memory of Hubert Brasseaux.

Robert Goodfellow In honor of Jackie and Dave Guidry.

Joe and Janet Green In honor of Caleb George-Guidry.

David and Jackie Guidry In memory of Hubert Brasseaux.

Margaret Hebig In honor of Arnie Mavis.

Margaret Hebig, Beverly E. Kuenzli, Ann Mavis, Al Kuenzli, Kris Kuenzli and Kary Kuenzli In honor of Arnie Mavis.

Richard and Patsy Herrington In memory of Hubert Brasseaux.

Beverly E. Kuenzli In honor of Alyce Kuenzli

C. Harold and Diane H. Lambert In memory of Hubert Brasseaux.

Steven and Liza Leigh Kiwus In honor of Chloe Kiwus.

Ann L. Mavis In honor of Arnie Mavis.

Edna Rach In loving memory of Hubert Brasseaux.

Bonnie Rach and Family In loving memory of Hubert Brasseaux.

Alice and John Reimann In honor of Helen Silha.

Phillip Romine In honor of Jennifer Anderson.

Patricia Royal In memory of Hubert Brasseaux, a wonderful Guidry family member.

Alina Schroeder and Chuck Day In memory of our son Philip Smith.

Sue Scott and Ron Peluso In memory of my gifted brother David!

Karl and Lisa Simer In honor of Caleb George-Guidry.

Jenelle Zumbusch On behalf of the late Arnie Mavis.

This list reflects gifts made between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018. We make every effort to ensure accuracy. If you notice any omissions or errors, please contact us at (612) 331-4584.

This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through Minnesota State Arts Board Operating Support, as well as a 2017 ADA Access Improvement Grant from VSA Minnesota, with funds from the Metro Regional Arts Council, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund as appropriated by the Minnesota State Legislature.


* Monthly Sustainer
** The Art of We Sponsor
*** 2006-07 Founding Supporter

This list reflects gifts made between July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018. We make every effort to ensure this information is accurate. If you notice errors or omissions, please contact us. 

Our Current Corporate and Foundation Supporters



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Bush Foundation logo

The Bush Foundation





California Institute of Contemporary Arts




Community Shares of Minnesota


Greater Milwaukee Foundation logo

The Greater Milwaukee Foundation

Edith C. and J. Oscar Greenwald Fund; Henriette S. Neverman Fund; The Children’s Fund

Harri Hoffmann Family Foundation Inc

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MSAB LogoClean Water Land & Legacy LogoMinnesota State Arts Board

This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a Minnesota State Arts Board Operating Support grant, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.



The National Endowment for the Arts



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The Irwin Andrew Porter Foundation



The Saint Paul Foundation logo


The Saint Paul Foundation

Subaru of America Foundation, Inc.


Subaru of America Foundation, Inc.





VSA Minnesota
Upstream Arts is a 2019 recipient of an ADA Access Improvement Grant from VSA Minnesota, with funds from the Metro Regional Arts Council. This activity is funded, in part, by the Arts and Cultural Heritage fund as appropriated by the Minnesota State Legislature with money from the Legacy Amendment vote of the people of Minnesota on November 4, 2008.

 Archie D. and Bertha H. Walker Foundation

The H.E. and Helen Warren Foundation 

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Wayzata Community Church



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WCA Foundation


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Greater Milwaukee Association of Realtors’ Youth Foundation