Teaching Artists sing and ASL interpret songs from past Art of Me performances. Photo by Jason Bucklin.

The Art of Grief, Loss, and Change

“The Art of Grief, Loss and Change” uses interaction with and through the arts to explore and recognize the emotions that come with the grief, loss and transitions we all experience throughout our lifetimes.  Interactive arts activities provide a venue for self expression and actively build social/ emotional and communication skills helpful in navigating change and loss. We adapt this program to be relevant for teens and adults with disabilities of all ages, most often in partnership with Adult Day Programs and community organizations.

To learn more about bringing Upstream Arts to your setting, please select one of the following:

School Programs (pre-K-12 classrooms and Transition Programs)
Adult Programs (Adult Day Programs or disability service providers serving individuals from age 21-75+)
Community Programs (arts organizations, community organizations, friendship clubs, Parks and Recreation)
Training Programs (any kind of professional development setting)


 “I enjoyed the program; it helped to offer coping strategies for change. It brought up feelings about my dad and helped me deal with his loss.”

Participant in The Art of Grief, Loss and Change, Portal, Inc.


“The participants benefited from using tools like painting, drums, and creating a statue to express their feelings they couldn’t put into words. As the week went on I noticed several clients verbalizing more how they felt about not just their day, but other feelings they had with their life and things that were happening in it.”

Staff Member, Portal, Inc.


I think it helped her work out some of her anger, grief, and loss through a creative and safe environment and use different modalities she would otherwise not have.”

Special Education Teacher, Minneapolis Public Schools


 Curious about bringing Upstream Arts to your school or organization?

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