Upstream Arts Teaching Artist and Participants performing The Art of Me

The Art of Me

“The Art of Me” explores positive self-expression as well as social and communication skills through a variety of artistic disciplines – including visual art, theater, poetry, music, and dance – and culminates in a public performance and/or exhibition. We adapt this program to be relevant for individuals with disabilities ages 5-75+, most often in partnership with Adult Day Programs and community organizations.

To learn more about bringing Upstream Arts to your setting, please select one of the following:

School Programs (pre-K-12 classrooms and Transition Programs)
Adult Programs (Adult Day Programs or disability service providers serving individuals from age 21-75+)
Community Programs (arts organizations, community organizations, friendship clubs, Parks and Recreation)
Training Programs (any kind of professional development setting)

I was skeptical earlier this summer as I signed my daughter up for ‘The Art of Me,’ your summer program with Valley Friendship Club. Will she even participate? How will she fare next to her friend who regularly engages in fantasy play and dress up? Is this the right thing? Last evening was the public performance of ‘The Art of Me,’ and my daughter blew me away! …as did every other participant on that stage! I witnessed the power of your artists and the arts to draw every one of the participants out of their comfort zone. They rocked! It was powerful. Im a believer now.”

– Regina, parent of an Upstream Arts participant

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