Teaching Artists sing and ASL interpret songs from past Art of Me performances. Photo by Jason Bucklin.

The Art of Retirement

The Art of Retirement is tailored to participants’ interests and strengths at this stage of life. The activities deliberately foster meaningful engagement, connection, and creative self-expression, all key to quality of life. Activities in music, dance, poetry, painting, and theatre are geared towards improving physical coordination, relieving stress, reducing depression, developing new interests, deepening friendships, and building social connectedness.

The Art of Retirement is designed specifically for aging adults with developmental and cognitive disabilities. Aging in this context is relative.

  • Adult Programs: Adult Day Programs or other Disability Service Providers than have Retirement programs
  • Community Programs: Community organizations, Friendship Clubs, Parks and Recreation

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“We have creative individuals in our retirement programs that may have been involved in music or arts in the past, but now that they are aging, limited mobility, transportation and the anxiety that comes with memory loss are huge barriers. For these people the arts can make a huge difference, in keeping them connected and engaged, in bringing them back to their creative selves.”

– Staff Member, Community Involvement Programs

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