Teaching Artists sing and ASL interpret songs from past Art of Me performances. Photo by Jason Bucklin.

The Art of Social Skills

“The Art of Social Skills” focuses on developing social emotional and communication skills vital to success in school, work, and life while exploring the fundamentals of visual art, theater, poetry, music, and dance. We adapt this program to be relevant for individuals with disabilities at every stage of life, from birth to 75+, most often in partnership with schools, Adult Day Programs, and community organizations. For our youngest participants, we involve parents and guardians, emphasizing creative play and bonding.

To learn more about bringing Upstream Arts to your setting, please select one of the following:

School Programs (pre-K-12 classrooms and Transition Programs)
Adult Programs (Adult Day Programs or disability service providers serving individuals from age 21-75+)
Community Programs (arts organizations, community organizations, friendship clubs, Parks and Recreation)
Training Programs (any kind of professional development setting)

“My students learned to show feeling in paintings. Express energies in poems. How to engage in acting scenarios. They also learned how music and motion move with different feelings.”

Special Education Teacher, Minneapolis Public Schools


“It’s not the standard academic areas like math and science where we see the greatest need. The area of greatest need for all of our Special Education students is social and communication skills. This is the area where we need to focus and that is central to their success.”

Special Education Director, Minneapolis Public Schools



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