Teaching Artists sing and ASL interpret songs from past Art of Me performances. Photo by Jason Bucklin.

The Art of Working

The Art of Working focuses on cultivating soft skills vital to obtaining and maintaining employment while exploring the fundamentals of visual art, theater, poetry, music, and dance. Through the artistic practice we focus on workplace interactions and situations; following directions, asking for help, self-advocating, job interviews, customer service, appropriate topics of conversation, being a part of a team, identifying personal strengths and weaknesses, and receiving feedback/taking responsibility.

  • School Programs: High School and Transition Programs
  • Adult Programs: Adult Day Programs or other Disability Service Providers
  • Community Programs: Community organizations, Friendship Clubs, Parks and Recreation

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“Upstream Arts programs provide a learning environment where individuals can get to know their peers, themselves and open up and try new things, all the while learning appropriate workplace behavior. This increases their ability to be comfortable in community settings and ready to be a part of a workplace.”

Staff Member, Opportunity Partners


“Ricky struggles with communicating his feelings in a healthy way, as well as identifying them correctly. Upstream Arts helped give him tools to do so, which will help in his being able to hold on to a job in the community.”

Participant Evaluation



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