Adult Programs

Our residencies for adults take place in partnership with Day Service Programs and other community service providers where adults with disabilities have a social community with whom to enjoy a quality of life, and where they receive training in daily living skills, social skills, and pre-vocational skills.

Throughout a residency, Upstream Arts Teaching Artists work with and alongside participants and support staff once a week in creative activities that seamlessly mix theatre, dance, painting, poetry, and music to cultivate fundamental skills in a variety of artistic disciplines while fostering personal risk-taking, self-expression and self-advocacy, and effective workplace communication. 

We partner with some of the largest Adult Day Programs in the state, numerous Parks and Recreation and library systems, as well as many social groups and community centers in the Twin Cities metro area, to engage adults with disabilities from across the region. We also send teams of Teaching Artists to Milwaukee, WI and Charlotte, NC to work with adults with disabilities in those communities.

 Are you an organization interested in Upstream Arts programming or professional development opportunities? 

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Are you an individual who is interested in taking an Upstream Arts class? 

Upstream Arts often offers opportunities for individuals of all abilities to sign up for classes that are open to the public. These series may be offered through Upstream Arts, in-person or online, or through one of the many partnerships we have with Parks and Recreation, libraries, social clubs, and community centers across the Twin Cities.

  • Strengthen your personal expression!
  • Expand your self-advocacy skills!
  • Share a creative experience as we build community! 

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Read more about our proven approach:

Performers pose as part of a moving statues sequence in The Art of Me performance




Teaching Artists singing, signing, and playing guitar.


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This session – absolutely free of charge – can offer insight into how we work to support individuals with a range of cognitive, developmental, emotional, behavioral, and physical disabilities.