Upstream Arts Participant at Opportunity Partners (photo: Theo Goodell)

Adult Programs Overview

In our residencies with Adult Day Programs (organizations through which adults with disabilities receive training in daily living skills, social skills, recreational skills, and pre-vocational skills) and other disability service providers, multidisciplinary arts activities cultivate fundamental skills in a variety of artistic disciplines while encouraging risk-taking, appropriate self-expression, and effective workplace communication. We partner with some of the largest Adult Day Programs in the Twin Cities metro area to engage adults with disabilities from across the region.
Our adult residency focus areas include The Art of Social Skills, which cultivates social emotional skills; The Art of Working, which helps participants work on soft skills vital to obtaining and maintaining employment; The Art of Me, which explores personal identity and self-expression; The Art of Relationships, an innovative course on sexual health and relationships; and The Art of Retirement, designed specifically for aging individuals with disabilities. Click here for descriptions of all Upstream Arts residency focus areas.
We work with each partner to customize the residency structure and length according to their unique interests and goals. Our most common residency lengths are 6-, 9-, and 12-weeks.
Pricing ranges widely from $500 to $10,000, depending on the nature, breadth, and duration of the program. Please note that our willingness to help you think creatively about funding an Upstream Arts program is endless. We are happy to offer fundraising suggestions and grant resources. Please contact Julie Guidry, Executive Director, at (612) 331-4584 or [email protected] to discuss possibilities.
Curious about bringing Upstream Arts to your organization, but having trouble imagining what we would do? Contact us to set up a 1-hour “freebie”! This session – absolutely free of charge – can offer a better understanding of how we work to support individuals with a range of cognitive, developmental, emotional, behavioral, and physical disabilities.

Curious about bringing Upstream Arts to your school or organization? 

CONTACT US to set up a 1 hour FREEBIE

This session – absolutely free of charge – can offer insight into

how we work to support individuals with a range of cognitive,

developmental, emotional, behavioral, 1and physical disabilities.