Would you like to learn more about the essential skills the arts can provide for individuals of all abilities? Learn more about what other disability-focused organizations exist in the Twin Cities and across the nation? Discover fun things to do around town? No matter what you’re seeking, we have compiled a number of resources that might help, including:

  • Arts, Disability, and Learning – research studies, articles, books, and other resources related to the emerging field at the intersection of arts, disability, and learning
  • Arts Resources – for individuals interested in the arts, arts advocacy, participating in community arts opportunities, and/or pursuing professional careers in the arts.
  • Disability Resources – for individuals with disabilities, their families and caregivers, service providers, advocates, and anyone interested in learning more about the disability community. 
  • Education Resourcesfor anyone interested in education, arts education, universal design for teaching and learning, and more. Some of these resources have directly influenced our approach to curriculum and teaching practice.
  • Grant Resources – templates and grantwriting tips for schools and organizations interested in working with Upstream Arts
  • Local Events – performances, exhibits, workshops, social events, and other festivities happening around the Twin Cities that might interest our community

We hope you find this information useful! Please feel free to contact us with any additional information, links, or references you would like to see included here.