Two images arranged side-by-side in dyptich: To the left, Tommy, a bald bespeckled man, smiles slightly at the camera. To the right, Tommy takes a selfie of himself in his wheelchair wearing a "This is how I roll" t-shirt.

Meet Re•Focus Curator, Tommy Sar


Say a little about your art practice and/or any other identities that influenced how you approached this exhibit.

TOMMY: I enjoy photography as a way to connect and present people as they are, usually as themselves.

What was the curation experience like for you? What came up? Did anything surprise you in the process?

TOMMY: The process made me continue to ask myself what it means to be a person with disabilities. Am I harboring and projecting internalized ableism onto these subjects? 

After this curatorial experience, what is one way that you feel called to Re•Focus yourself in relation to our disability community, or how is this exhibit calling us all to Re•Focus on the disability community?

TOMMY: I still wonder if I have much in common with the disability community.