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As we gear up for The Art of We: Are Family, our 4th Annual Community Celebration and Fundraiser on Thursday, May 18, we want to take a moment to thank our premiere sponsors for the event. Not only do these businesses do great work in our community, but they generously give back to and participate in that community, making gatherings like The Art of We: Are Family possible. Thanks to their support, this year’s event remains free of charge to attend and fully accessible so that everyone can join the fun. Many thanks to The Graham Smith Team, Min Enterprises Photography, and The Minnesota Vikings for supporting The Art of We: Are Family 2017!


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The Keller Williams Realty logo, which reads "Keller Williams Realty Integrity Lakes"


The Graham Smith Team at Keller Williams Realty

Realtor Graham Smith leads The Graham Smith Team at Keller Williams Realty and, like Upstream Arts, he is invested in creating a more vibrant, inclusive community. Starting in December 2015, Graham began donating $200 to Upstream Arts for every house that he sells. In 2016, The Graham Smith Team donated over $13,000 to Upstream Arts! Keller Williams Realty as a whole strongly believes that “who you are in business with matters” and “the company we keep can contribute to our lives in untold ways.” Upstream Arts believes the same, and we are so honored that The Graham Smith Team has chosen to keep company with us. Thank you to everyone at Keller Williams for all that you do for your communities, and an extra special big thank you to The Graham Smith Team for so generously supporting Upstream Arts’ innovative arts programming!

For more information on The Graham Smith Team – or if you or someone you know is looking for a new home – please visit The Graham Smith Team website.


A photo of the Min Enterprises Photography logo. Underneath is text that explains what kinds of events they work at. The text reads, "Performances, Conferences, Ceremonies, Large Events, Fundraisers, Convenings."


Min Enterprises Photography

Anna Min’s photography company, Min Enterprises Photography, emphasizes the importance of community. Starting as a volunteer effort and growing into a business over nearly ten years, Anna’s breathtaking photography has supported artists, advocacy groups, political events, community rallies, celebrations, and more. Min Enterprises Photography describes their clients as “people who make great things happen in their communities and people who believe in supporting others’ self-determination.” Upstream Arts very much shares these values, and so it is with great pleasure that we announce that Anna Min will be not only a sponsor, but our professional photographer for The Art of We: Are Family! We can’t wait for you to meet Anna there; and we look forward to seeing what awesome images will come out of the evening. Big thanks to Min Enterprises Photography for supporting Upstream Arts’ work!

For more information about Anna’s work and how to hire Min Enterprises Photography for your next event, please visit the Min Enterprises Photography website.


A photo of the Minnesota Vikings logo


The Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings not only play with integrity on the field, but also give back to the community in numerous ways. Since their beginning in 1961, the Vikings have been involved in and facilitated many different community outreach programs. Some of these programs include the Vikings Children’s Fund, which supports children’s health, family, and education services in the Upper Midwest since 1978; Fuel Up to Play 60, which is an in-school activity and nutrition program that encourages youth to live healthy lives; and the Green Team, which is an initiative promoting sustainable practices and educating the community on renewable energy. Ryan Hoag, a former Minnesota Vikings wide receiver, is also an Upstream Arts Teaching Artist! We are deeply grateful to The Minnesota Vikings for once again generously sponsoring The Art of We: Are Family, which will raise valuable funds to support our programs.

For more information on how the Minnesota Vikings is involved with the community, please click here.


Another big round of thanks to these premiere sponsors, who are going the extra mile to make The Art of We: Are Family possible. Coming up next, we’re excited to feature many more amazing sponsors and in-kind donors who are generously supporting this event. Stay tuned!

If you would like to become a sponsor of The Art of We: Are Family, it’s not too late! Click here to learn more. For more general save-the-date information about The Art of We: Are Family, click here.