disability is not a four-letter word

p.s. it’s a ten-letter word!

Last year, Upstream Arts launched the “disability is not a four-letter word” campaign to generate artistic reflection and public conversation about stigma associated with disability. Check out the latest in our growing archive of resources.


“As a Korean American adoptee woman who has several physical disabilities, I have found it hard to find a community of people that truly understand the challenges I go through.” Teaching Artist Nikki Abramson shares a reflection on her experiences with disability and the community she’s found in Upstream Arts.


On July 1, we will kick off our 10th Anniversary as a nonprofit organization working at the intersection of the arts, disability, and learning. To celebrate this exciting milestone and build capacity for the next decade of work, we are embarking on a new campaign to raise $100,000 in individual contributions by June 30, 2016.